Worth a shot again

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She started with an ad on Craigslist, but responses were sluggish, so she started knocking on doors. The year-old two doors down was not interested. An year-old neighbor was not home, and typically napped in the afternoon, but Ms. Clark was undaunted. Clark, 72, a retired high school math teacher. I know I will. This week, Massachusetts began an experiment, offering vaccinations to those who accompany people who are 75 and older to mass vaccination sites.

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The plan was intended to ease access problems for older people, who have struggled to book online appointments and travel to sports stadiums. Right away, it met with criticism from state legislators and some public health experts, who said it could result in scarce doses going to young, healthy people. It also gave rise to an unusual online marketas entrepreneurial Massachusetts residents sought to forge caregiving relationships at top speed. I am a friendly conversationalist and will allow you to choose the music and show me all the pictures of your grandkids!

Jean Trounstine, an author and professor who lives in Tewksbury, Mass. Trounstine is 74, it turned out, and no. At a Thursday news conference, Gov. Charlie Baker acknowledged that some were approaching the program opportunisticallyand warned seniors to be cautious about offers of help from strangers.

Public health experts offered divergent opinions on the companion program, a concept that was not widely discussed before it was rolled out.

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A similar program in Hawaii was quickly reversed after concern that younger people were draining the limited supply of vaccines. Massachusetts is trying to crank up vaccination rates after lagging early in the process, when the state focused narrowly on frontline health care workers and care facilities and many doses sat in freezers unused.

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About Others worried that the policy allows young, healthy people doses that are in short supply. If that was the problem, this would be a good solution. The F. That group includes: vaccine recipients who are 65 or older or who live in long-term care facilities; adults who are at high risk of severe Covid because of an underlying medical condition; health care workers and others whose jobs put them at risk.

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People with weakened immune systems are eligible for a third dose of either Pfizer or Moderna four weeks after the second shot. A key advisory committee to the F. The same panel voted unanimously on Oct.

The C. Pregnant women and current and former smokers are also eligible. Postal Service workers; public transit workers; grocery store workers. It is not recommended. There were also complaints from lawmakers, who, in a letter to Governor Baker, called for the companion program to be halted, saying the system further amplifies the advantage of wealthy families with working cars and free time. Meanwhile, vulnerable residents between 65 and 75 have found themselves pushed further back in line, said State Representative Mike Connolly, who represents parts of Cambridge and Somerville.

It was not all criticism, though.

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Many people in their late 70s this week contemplated their sudden possession of a golden ticket, and discussed among themselves which friend most deserved or needed it. Margaret Bibbo, 66, a church secretary and cancer survivor, had brought in an elderly friend without expecting to be vaccinated herself, and when a doctor offered her a shot as a companion she initially refused.

We can take care of you. For Ms. Clark, it made perfect sense. At 72, she is healthy enough to drive some of her neighbors to colonoscopies, and public-spirited enough to work the polls at special elections. Other inquiries were made more delicately. Who is eligible for a booster shot? What underlying medical conditions qualify for a booster shot? What occupations are eligible for boosters? Can I mix Covid vaccines?

Can I get a flu shot at the same time as a Covid vaccine or booster shot?

Worth a shot again

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