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Dear Doc: My ID wheel goes from 3" to 2" at a constant 10, sfm. I seem to get chatter constantly when the diameter is around 2.

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The Doc Replies: Chatter is my least favorite subject because there are so many different types of chatter. When the wheel speed is at or near this frequency, the spindle displaces, which means it literally starts to uncontrollably bounce up and down at high amplitude.

The figure shows the measured frequency response function of the wheel and spindle assembly on a cylindrical grinder. To build an FRF, intermittently push up on the spindle at a low frequency and measure how much it displaces. Then, repeat at higher frequencies and plot compliance versus frequency.

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Compliance is the inverse of stiffness. In other words, the wheel and spindle assembly is always bouncing up and down a tiny amount. But at some frequencies, the bouncing becomes huge.

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How huge can this amplitude become? The figure shows a log-log plot. What looks like a small difference is actually enormous. In this case, the danger frequencies are If you run a wheel at or near 3, rpm or 15, rpm, the spindle starts bouncing frantically up and down, causing big scallops on the workpiece—i. In your case, danger frequency No. But danger frequency No. Your operator is getting away from the danger frequency by dressing the wheel, which increases the wheel rpm. A better approach is just to increase or decrease the wheel rpm by, say, 10 percent. It might not look like much on the log-log scale, but this modest change will reduce your compliance by a factor of 3 the brown arrow in the figure.

Changing the wheel rpm is a quick, first thing to try that may solve the problem.

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The next step is to use a hammer and accelerometer to determine natural frequencies of wheel-spindle assemblies, dresser-spindle assemblies and the workpiece. Jeffrey A. Badger, Ph. Visit www. Search form Search. Cutting Tools. Avoiding chatter resonance.

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Author :. Related Glossary Terms chatter dressing inner diameter ID stiffness. Badger The figure shows the measured frequency response function of the wheel and spindle assembly on a cylindrical grinder. Ask The Grinding Doc Columnist.

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Whats up doc any chatters out there

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Avoiding chatter resonance