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Regardless, fans continue to hold out hope that the model and singer will eventually get back together, considering they have been teasing us with their will-they-won't-they relationship for years. As we wait to see if the pair will ever reunite, check out this refresher on their complicated relationship and everything you need to know about Bella and Abel's love affair. The Weeknd wasn't nominated for any awards this year and he recently said he will not allow his label to submit his music to Grammys moving forward.

Because of this, it's safe to assume the singer won't be attending the awards.

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If you're wondering who might be cheering The Weeknd on at his Super Bowl halftime performance, don't get your hopes up. In an interview with VarietyThe Weeknd confirmed he wouldn't be bringing a plus-one. So yeah. While the show was pre-recorded, the two exes shared a moment while filming their respective portions. Luckily, things are totally cool between them and it wasn't super awkward. Bella was on hand to present Lady Gaga with her Tricon Award.

Meanwhile, The Weeknd brought the house down with his performance of "Blinding Lights" while also taking home two wins.

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Although rumors are going around saying that the couple has officially called it quits, Entertainment Tonight is reporting that the couple is still together, "but are working through things like normal couples do. However, the two love one another, have lost one another in the past and want to try and make it work," the source continued. Meanwhile, The Weeknd definitely seems to be all up in his feelings as he announced that he's working on his new album.

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Bella has a new love interest in her life, at least she did in her new campaign for Calvin Klein. Yes, virtual, meaning you can keep up with Lil Miquela's life on Instagram, even though she isn't actually a real person. In the ad, Bella and Lil Miquela share a brief kiss, with a voiceover by Bella saying, "Life is about opening doors, creating new dreams Weekend date anyone never knew could exist.

A post shared by Miquela lilmiquela. While Calvin Klein is known for pushing the envelope, people are accusing the brand of queerbaiting, since Bella identifies as heterosexual. Taking note of the backlash, Calvin Klein issued an apology saying, "We understand and acknowledge how featuring someone who identifies as heterosexual in a same-sex kiss could be perceived as queerbaiting.

We sincerely regret any offense we caused. Bella proved that she and the Weeknd are going strong when she not only attended his mom's birthday, but posted the most heartfelt message to her on Instagram. Meeting bae's mom is a big deal, and Bella has not only obviously met Samra Tesfaye, Abel's mother, but they must have a pretty ificant relationship. The model posted a pic of Mama Weeknd on her Instagram story, writing, "heaven That's, like, super intense.

One can only assume that things between The Weeknd and Bella are getting more and more serious as the days go by. Just two days after their adorable V-Day display, Bella Hadid and The Weeknd were back to defining couplegoals while celebrating Abel's 29th birthday.

The couple kicked off the night in matching camo outfits.

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Obviously, a photo shoot ensued and Bella shared the resulting pics on Instagram. Then, Weekend date anyone pair headed to a party for the singer where the PDA was on full display. In all, the party looked like a TON of fun, and the couple seemed to have a great time together. Seriously, I can't handle these two in their matching couples outfits! The Weeknd and Bella Hadid are seriously couples goals and they proved that yet again on Valentine's Day when Bella showed of the gorgeous floral display that Abel surprised her with.

It seems like her entire kitchen was covered in roses and candles and I seriously can't think of anything more romantic! For dinner, the couple kept it low key, enjoying some takeout, which Bella also shared on Insta. Seriously, the fact that this famous couple is so down to earth and they spent the night eating Chinese food on the couch makes me love them even more! The Weeknd's new song "Lost in the Fire" may have been written along with four other people, but it sure sounds like The Weeknd's experiences and current relationship snuck in there.

The song is about not wanting to lose a girl, fitting since The Weeknd and Bella have already broken up once. Maybe The Weeknd is now sure Bella's the one for him and he released a song to let her know? Here are all the possible references to Bella Hadid in "Lost in the Fire":.

This line seemingly references The Weeknd and Bella's time apart, when they first broke up after dating for about a year and a half. During that time apart, The Weeknd dated Selena Gomez for a few months. Bella and Abel rekindled their romance in the spring of after they were spotted making out at Coachella. We get it. The Weeknd really does not want to lose Bella. In fact, according to Us Weeklythings are going really well for the couple this time around. And, maybe to ensure The Weeknd doesn't lose Bella again, he's willing to put a ring on it. Not only does The Weeknd sing about his girlfriend, but he also disses her possible past flings.

The first verse of "Lost in the Fire" is reportedly a shot of Drake, who may have briefly dated Bella when the pair was broken Weekend date anyone. Drake revealed in June that he has after rapper Pusha-T claimed Drake was hiding the baby.

So, The Weeknd may be calling Drake out for hiding his child, saying he would never do such a thing.

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Drake has said he isn't close to his baby mama, Sophie Brussaux, so The Weeknd is saying he would only have a kid with "the right one. And why would The Weeknd go after Drake in a song? It's probably because of rumors that Bella and Drake dated briefly back when The Weeknd was with Selena. Drake threw Bella's 21st birthday party for her, but Bella has insisted the two are just friends.

Bella Hadid sat down with Vogue recently to answer 73 questions, and The Weeknd was definitely on her mind.

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The interview covered everything from her love of butterflies to her earliest memory and there were a few questions that the model struggled to answer, but two responses came very easy to her. The whole scene is so precious. Oh, and did I mention Bella's holding an adorable baby goat through it all? Yeah, it doesn't get much cuter than that. Bella Hadid and The Weeknd took a big step in their relationship over Thanksgiving weekend. No, Abel didn't just meet the Hadids been there, done thatbut he was introduced to some of Bella's extended family! The couple traveled to Abu Dhabi together for Abel's show, and Bella took her cousin and nieces to see the performance, introducing them to her BF.

That wasn't the end of their trip however. The Weeknd and Bella spent the next day riding ATVs in the desert with friends and the pics look pretty epic. Things seem to be going really well for the couple as engagement rumors continue to swirl. Maybe a question was even popped during their time in that gorgeous desert! After three years of dating on and off, the couple is going strong. Remember two years ago at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show right after Bella and The Weeknd broke up for the first time and this iconic interaction went down?

Well, a lot has changed since then. This year, as the model strutted her stuff, The Weeknd took a seat in the audience with Bella's mom to support his girlfriend. When she was walking the runway, The Weeknd could be seen standing up and rooting her on. How precious?! Fans of The Weeknd might be getting him in some trouble with Bella Hadid after his recent concert.

While performing Weekend date anyone song, 'The Hills,' The Weeknd thew a bra that a fan tossed on stage back to the crowd. The Weeknd joked that the exchange might get him in trouble with GF Bella Hadid, but it seems like it was all good between the couple as Bella posted an adorable photo of her and her beau after the launch of Hxouse. The Weeknd later posted a photo of himself entering a private plane, which makes it safe to say that he'll be heading out to NYC to support Bella at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show before he returns to his Starboy world tour.

The Weeknd and Bella are actually taking their relationship to the next level and we couldn't be happier. With things going this fast between them, maybe they'll be the next couple to get engaged? We certainly hope so! A week after her birthday, Bella took to Instagram to thank all of her family and friends for making the day special. Among those thanked was, of course, her "baby," The Weeknd. Bella chose an adorable pic of the couple embracing as the Weekend date anyone photo in the Instagram carousel, but Abel is also featured throughout the post celebrating with Bella.

The Weeknd posted the sweetest group of photos in celebration of Bella's 22nd birthday. The post starts with a video of the two of them kissing.

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Then, there are tons of shots of the Weekend date anyone embracing each other, as well as one pic of them possibly performing karaoke I wonder if they sang one of The Weeknd's songs. The Weeknd captioned the post, "Happy birthday Angel. Of course, the celebration didn't stop with an Instagram post. Bella and The Weeknd also shared a special day out together in New York. The night ended with a surprise party, attended by Bella's whole famous fam, Kendall Jenner, and other friends. Fanbellahadidbrasil, posted the adorable video of Bella entering her party with The Weeknd, and the two embracing as her friends scream in excitement.

Abel shared multiple pics on his Instagram of the couple enjoying a meal together, including an adorable selfie at the end. The Weeknd escorted Bella to Kylie Jenner's 21st birthday blowoutwhere the couple took some cute photo booth pics together. In this vid you can see Bella singing along to her bae's song "Pray For Me. According to E! News, Bella Hadid and The Weeknd are officially back together after "secretly seeing each other" for a few months.

A source told the site that the two are "exclusively dating and are in a great place. Bella and The Weeknd were spotted out in Tokyo together, walking around and enjoying the sites, with The Weeknd even posting a pic of Bella on his Insta story. The Weeknd posted an innocent looking pic on Weekend date anyone Instagram of him standing on the balcony of a gorgeous mansion. A post shared by The Weeknd theweeknd. Simple, right? At least until Bella posted a pic on her stories of the same house, with Abel still standing on the balcony. What else, besides taking cool pics, was the pair doing all weekend alone in that giant house I wonder?

Bella hadid and The weeknd just came to my restaurant asking for drinks I'm fine. Totally fine.

Weekend date anyone

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The Weeknd and Bella Hadid's relationship timeline explained