Want to retire to the country

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The idea of retiring abroad is an appealing one.

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With no office tying you down, and the option to spend your days wherever—and however—you please, passing your time in a new country calls to many avid travelers. But once you decide to relocate abroad and get a sense of what it will take to do soyou've got to decide where to go.

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While moving abroad can generally be tricky business, a of countries are more than accommodating to expat retirees. In fact, some offer real incentives, too. Small towns in countries like France, Spain, and Italyfor example, sell off fixer-upper homes for one euro to attract foreign investments; other places are more directly trying to tempt retirees and pensioners looking to relocate, with visas that promise tax cuts, and steep-discount programs that make U. The below six countries, across Europe, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, offer some of the best incentives for retirees—promising to make the big move well worth your while.

The official currency of Panamathe balboa, is currently equivalent in value to the U. There are also an estimated 20, to 30, American expats currently living in Panama—no surprise, since the Panama Pensionado or Panama Retirement visa, started inis one of the best for attracting foreign nationals. Think of the Panama Pensionado as the ultimate coupon book. The full discounts list, which includes savings on hotel stays, theater performances, and even airline tickets, is available here. All applications must be submitted in Panama, and through a Panamanian lawyer.

If you have money to invest, Greece may be the retirement spot for you. This means that any pensions, rental income, and other transferable investments will stay at a seven-percent tax rate for up to 10 years. With tax brackets in the U. Requirements: There's no requirement to invest in local real estate to take advantage of the tax rate, nor are you expected to permanently reside in Greece.

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For instance, retirees with knowledge of English literature can lecture at a university, or an expat professor with specialized skills can work up to 20 hours a week. Successful applicants receive a year, multiple-entry visa that is renewable, plus a tax-exemption on all the money brought with you.

Expats can also purchase property in Malaysia, as long as local state authorities approve the purchase first.

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Requirements: Applicants 50 years old and over must first prove a holding of liquid assets this can include cash, bonds, stocks, etc. After one year, you can withdraw a third of your local savings for necessities like medical bills or buying a car. Portugal is known for its Golden Visawhich uses tax perks to attract foreign nationals. It also includes a tax-exemption on most foreign income—including pensions, dividends, and real estate investments—for up to 10 years.

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You can renew the visa every two years, as long as you spend at least two weeks in the country during that time span. The visa is valid for two years, and then can be renewed for three more. Five years in, you can apply for permanent citizenship.

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Along with its volcanoes, freshwater lakes, and rainforests brimming with wildlife, Nicaragua lures foreign retirees with a bevy of financial incentives. Another motivator: All foreign income is tax-free. The Philippine Retirement Authority PRA offers several distinct retirement options in an effort to attract foreign nationals.

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These range from a visa for retired armed forces officers to another for pensioners aged 35 and above who are in need of medical assistance. Discounts at PRA-accredited businesses, complimentary assistance in navigating other government agencies, and an exemption from taxes on pension and other foreign-earned annuities are also part of the draw. Topics destination news.

Want to retire to the country

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Best Countries for Retirement Abroad