Tonight someone to go out

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Created entirely with the intention of getting you OFF your smartphone and connecting with other humans. Even high-profile media outlets like Forbes and the BBC have published articles on smartphone addiction. Our over-attachment to our phones can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation sigh making it difficult to connect with people IRL.

MeTonight JMT strives to change all this by making going out easy and fun, all while minimizing the time you spend on the app. JMT provides a safe environment for people with various interests to connect and do the stuff they love without having to spend hours on the app trying to sort out plan details. Yeah, we thought of that.

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How many times have you stayed home because you had no one to do sushi and lychee martinis with? Or sit courtside with at a basketball game? Browse events to see what others are up to.

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Chat window is open - expires within 7 days, eliminating endless back and forth texting. Our Mission. Awesome Perks. No endless back and forth textathons Events can only be created a maximum of 7 days in advance. Make friends. Hang out with humansnot your phone! How it works. Register Register and complete your profile.

Choose Users Choose which interested users you want to You. Match Feature. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3. Me Tonight: Real Conversation. Real Connection. View All. What is MeTonight? Is it a dating, meeting, friends or networking app? Yes, yes, yes, and yes! In short, JMT helps you find people to do cool stuff with — stuff you love to do!

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You know, like go for dinner, happy hour, hit up sporting events, concerts, or even just a hang and some conversation at a local cafe. How do I use MeTonight? Once all required information is provided and verified, you will be able to start using our app.

What is the minimum age requirement to use MeTonight? You must be at least 18 years old to create a MeTonight profile and use the app. Is MeTonight free to use? You can download MeTonight and start using it today with no restrictions.

How does MeTonight work? First, register and create your profile 2.

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OR Browse through user profiles to see what others near you are up to tonight. Choose which interested users you want to You 4.

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The chat feature will then be initiated allowing users to chat and finalize plans. Go out and have fun! Where in the app do I see which events have been created by other users? All open events are displayed on the Home Screen. How do I create an event? Which different types of events can I create or search for? The name of the app is MeTonight. Does that mean I can only create an event with a start time at night?

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You can create an event with a start time anytime between am and pm. When I create an event, can I look for more than one person to me? How many days in advance can I create an event? How many hours prior to the start time do I need to create my event?

You must create your event a minimum of six 6 hours prior to the start time. When will the event no longer accept new user requests and disappear from the Home Screen? Events will disappear from the Home Screen three 3 hours prior to start time. After the event closes, how much time does the event creator have to initiate a chat with interested users?

We encourage creators not to wait until the last minute to initiate chats with interested users. This ensures they have ample time to finalize plan details. How many users can a creator of an event initiate a chat with? An event creator can initiate a chat with up to five users per event. Therefore, creators can initiate a chat with up to five users in order firm up all the plan details. Support Experiencing issues with the app?

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Suggestions Have suggestions on how we can improve our user experience? Business Interested in partnering with us partner MeTonight. Download the app — do what you love! Find your tribe. Ditch your phone for the night.

Tonight someone to go out

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