The real deal want to meet

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Right or just your Mr. Right Now. How can you tell the difference when your heart does a backflip every time his name comes up on your phone? Here are a few differences between a guy who will lift you up and a guy who will let you down:. Real deal: He introduces you to his friends. Disappointment: He keeps you a secret from the people he cares about.

Real deal: He includes you in his future plans. He wants to keep you in his life for the long term, and his plans will reflect that. Disappointment: He shies away from making you a part of his future. Real deal: He wants to hang out with you during the day. If he wants to spend time with you during normal waking hours, his main motivation is probably not just to get laid.

Disappointment: He only texts you after 11 pm. Real deal: He wants to spend time with you in public. Disappointment: He only wants to see you in private.

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Is he only suggesting you hang out at home or far away from where he lives? After all, it would be pretty awkward if he ran into the OTHER girl he was dating or if he had to explain you away to the waiter who has seen him come in with three different women in the past three weeks. Real deal: He cares about your happiness. He asks you what YOU want to do.

He cares about YOUR orgasm in bed. Disappointment: He only focuses on what he wants. Real deal: He invites you over to his place.

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He wants to share part of his life with you, and he trusts you to see the space where he spends most of his time. Disappointment: He only wants to hang out at your place. Does he pick you up your favorite coffee on his way home from work? Does he do something as small as texting you to ask how your day is going? He genuinely cares about you and wants you to know it. Disappointment: He expects you to pay for everything.

Real deal: He takes you along to important events.

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He knows that these big life moments will stay in his mind and heart forever, and he wants you to be a part of them. Disappointment: He wants to do everything solo. Real deal: He accepts you for who you are. Disappointment: He tries to change you. It can be something as simple as him pushing you to change your hair color from blonde to brown or as something as big as telling you your career path is worthless.

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The real deal want to meet

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5 dating rules that will get you the “real deal”