Stood up on my birthday

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I have communicated my expectations of a relationship with him and he agreed that we should make more time for each other. This past weekend he made an effort to book some days off for us to spend together. When we first, met I told him birthdays are very important to me.

On my birthday yesterday he was the first one to send a text, and he called me in the morning. He asked what my plans were and I told him I would be having a massage from 10 to Since my birthday was on a weekday, I expected him to plan something for after he gets off work. I cannot be alone on my special day.

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Last year I made a decision to leave my then-new boyfriend because he also stood me up on my birthday. I wonder why I attract people who will not go out of their way to make me happy. I am tired of rejecting people, but I also know I will be more miserable if I do not. I am not an extravagant person; having him around to spend time with me would have been enough and made me happy. You barely know this guy. What would have been more reasonable is if you planned something — like, with other friends you hopefully have in your life—and invited him to you to celebrate. Have you never organized something for your birthday?

Have you never invited a few friends to you for drinks or a bite to eat?

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As people age, their lives become fuller and busier. Maybe the idea of being rejected is so hard to handle that you do the rejecting first before you get your heart broken. You can have love, and you can have a healthy and happy relationship… but not by acting the way you have been. Follow along on Facebook, and Instagram. Kate November 3,am. Yeah, this is so weird. I had been on about dates with my husband when his birthday came around, and he let me know he had planned a pub crawl with a large group of friends, and invited me.

Lianne November 3,am. Have you even had the exclusivity talk yet? I think you need to readjust your expectations after dating one month or 3 dates. Skyblossom November 3,am. He asked you what your plans were. He was assuming that you had plans and was hoping you would invite him to you.

You should have said you would love to see him and ask if he could meet for dinner or to hang out. You blew it. He was giving you the room to have whatever plans Stood up on my birthday wanted on your birthday. He probably, reasonably, assumed that she might think it was way too soon to celebrate with him, especially in case she had something small and intimate planned with family or close friends.

Essie November 3,am. Rebecca November 3,am. It was a blast. Cleopatra Jones November 3,am. RedRoverRedRover November 3,am. Northern Star November 3,am. You need to adjust you attitude and you expectations STAT. TheHizzy November 3,am. I understand big milestone birthdays 21, 30, 50… but not I turn 31 next year and I expect it to be night and day compared to my 30th. You need one of two things 1 therapy to figure out why or 2 a man strong enough to push you through it.

But yeah, to expect this dude of 3 dates to plan a special birthday whatever is insane. SpaceySteph November 3,pm. I had a little get together with friends that weekend to celebrate, so I tied the balloon to a kitchen chair. And then left it there, so my husband and I joked that as long as the balloon was floating, it Stood up on my birthday my bday. It lasted 31 days, so I guess I had a bday month. TheHizzy November 3,pm. I had a birthday weekend for my 30th also. Family came in from out of town. It was perfect. Fydoro November 3,am. Sounds like a pattern.

You search for a boyfriend just before your birthday, and then express how important your birthday is to you, just to get him to plan a birthday celebration. You were trying to use him to plan a birthday for you. You need to figure out yourself and then you may be ready to date. Do you have the same problem with family and friends? For someone who hates to be alone on your birthday you seem to manage to make it happen regularly.

Essie Right? Not that I wanted attention or special treatment, just the opposite. I decided that when I got out of work on my birthday every year I would turn off my phone. It was the best and I continued it for years, even through boyfriends. This year I included my ificant other as he will be around for years to come and it was nice. Courtney November 3,am. This is you not expression your desires and wanting the other person to read your mind, which is beyond not fair to them.

I get wanting people to step up without you having to spell everything out. I think you should definitely dump him over this—because HE deserves better. Janelle November 3,am. You cannot be alone on your special day?

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Are you baby Jesus? Good grief get over yourself. You barely know the guy and you already are making demands and throwing hissy fits over not getting exactly what you want. You should consider yourself lucky if he even ever calls you again. For his sake I wish he could read this so he could dump you now before he has to deal with more of your immature over emotional attempts at manipulation. Grow up. You sound insanely insecure and needy.

Also, the mind reading game never ends well. If she wanted to have dinner with him on her birthday, she should have asked. Communication is key.

Stood up on my birthday

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Its my birthday and I've just been stood up :-(