Square dance partner needed

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Circle Left: All eight dancers hands and walk in a left circle 2. Allemande Left: Everyone face their corner, take a left forearm with their corner and circles around until they are facing their partners again, Drop arms. Do Si Do: Face your partner, step past each other passing right shoulders and without turning around step back to back then back up passing left shoulders until you are in front of your partner again.

Right Square dance partner needed Left Grand: Everyone face their partner, and taking right hands, walk past each other, then alternate hands with the people that come to you, until you meet your partner. Stop when you come to your partner. Promenade: Couples in a skater's position, men on the ladies left side, and slightly behind her, take hands and walk together in a counter clockwise circle until you reach your home position.

Starting Position 6. Swing: Couples in a ballroom dance position, circling in a clockwise direction a full degrees or until facing the line of dance. Man twirls the lady under his arm to finish the swing. Starting and ending in a handholding circle. Ladies In, Men Sashay: Ladies will into the center, curtsy and yell "Whoo" At the same time, the men will walk to the left to get on the other side of the woman.

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Women back out, so everyone is in a hand holding circle again. Pass Thru, Separate And Go Home: He, or sides pass the person in front of you, passing on your right, turn your back to your partner and then walk around the other couple until you get to your home starting position Weave The Ring: Everyone face their partner and walk forward in a circle formation passing each other with alternating shoulders, starting with the right. Stop when you get to your partner.

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Box The Gnat: Take right hands with your partner. Man go behind the woman while she is turning left under his arm and end up facing the opposite direction. Never letting go of hands. Wrong Way Grand: Just like the right and left grand except going the other way.

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Square dance partner needed

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