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So, my girlfriend and I have been going out for nearly two years and everything is great except that she's never given me a BJ. I've gone down on her uncountable times and she's not sexually shy when it comes to trying new things - so for the love of god, I don't understand why she's so against blowjobs. I've tried talking to her about it and she says that she'll give me one eventually but every time I bring it up during sex, she locks up and it completely ruins the mood. I've tried bringing it up in a funny, humorous way so Single girl for bj doesn't seem like a big thing.

I've brought it up when we've had serious talks about how to improve our relationship. I've brought it up during sex when we're both hot and ready. When I've asked her why she's so against it, she just says the entire idea of giving a blowjob is gross. Yet, she has no qualms about me going down on her.

After that she won't talk about it and will change the subject. Before I met my girlfriend, I wasn't a huge fan of blowjobs. Sure, I got off on them but still preferred regular sex. But after nearly two years, it's like I have this huge craving for some forbidden fruit that I know won't even be that great the first time even if I do convince her to give it a try.

So Reddit. What can I do to talk to her about it. Or should I just give up and face that some girls just don't do that. I'm with ya bro. It's not gonna get any easier unfortunately. Some girls just don't like it. Doesn't matter how well groomed and scrubbed you are down there, some girls aren't going to do it. I don't think my gf realizes how much of an actual burden it is for me, I don't even bother asking anymore, it's been four fucking years.

The worst part of it for OP is that she says she will eventually. I am female nad have a really hard time with bjs. For me, I was sexually abused as and in a fucked up abusive relationship in my early twenties. My ex used to force my head down there until I complied. Now, even if its someone I care about, I shut down at that point. There's something about it that makes me feel like i've lost control and the moment is far more than just about pleasuring him because my past comes crowding into my mind.

And even when everything aligns, I really don't get anything from it. I can't enjoy it because I'm too busy trying to remain Single girl for bj. A hand job though, is so much easier for me because I can enjoy his responses and the fact that I'm turning him on. Maybe she has issues in her past.

Maybe she doesn't, but its clearly somehting she's not comfortable with. You have to decide how big a deal this is. But if you make a big deal and bring it up all the time she's going to come to resent bjs. Maybe she needs her own space. I also have a really hard time with them due to similar treatment--my first boyfriend used to force my head down and hold it there while I gagged.

I threw up several times in that relationship, and I have puked 3 times in my current relationship from doing it.

I gag every single time, not because I feel pressured or don't trust him to treat me right. It just takes a lot of physical and mental preparation for me to do it. Everything about the experience makes me sick: the smell, the taste, the texture, the feeling that I'm being suffocated, the feeling that I'm being degraded even though I know my current boyfriend isn't doing anything to make me feel that way.

Usually, the fear of gagging and puking stops me from even continuing. He is also bigger than other men I have been with, so gagging is almost inevitable. And like you said, I very rarely get any enjoyment from it, which is sad for both of us. I still try occasionally because it's something I want to be able to do for him, but it's very difficult.

It's a hard subject to discuss but I think op should try to find out a bit more about her past. I think he also needs to find out if she's ever given them before. If there are no past issues, I'd say she's just scared and he needs to reassure her that he won't push her head down or force her to finish if she isn't up for it. I agree with Single girl for bj completely. Just a question: would it be easier for you if he was tied down?

I made the suggestion in a different comment, just want the opinion of someone who does have a problem giving bjs. Ok I don't want to suggest your girlfriend was raped, but I was in the exact same situation. As much as she wanted to do them.

I just left her to it and trusted her when she said it'd happen one day. Over the last two weeks she has gained a lot of confidence and I ended up with my first BJ from her the other night she swallowed too on her first time giving one. Maybe you should see if there is an underlying issue that she hasn't chosen to talk to you about. I have a friend who was treated She finds them completely gross and disgusting now.

It's entirely possible your girlfriend has had negative experiences with blow-jobs and assumes they're all going to be that way.

Hey - if all you've ever had was spoiled sushi every time you tried, you wouldn't keep trying it, right? My suggestion: buy some four point restraints for your bed and ask her if she'd be more comfortable if you were strapped down, and she could have her wicked way with you. I used to hate giving blowjobs to any guy, then I educated myself. I bought books, I watched videos, I talked to people men and women about it.

The idea was disgusting at first, but then I realized that Single girl for bj normal; that's it just another great part of pleasuring my partner. Now I love it! In the end, I boiled it down to confidence and personal experience. I never had a boyfriend that really approached it the right way until I got into a long term relationship with someone I really trusted and loved.

We talked about it a lot, and he was wonderfully understanding. The first time, he took a shower and told me exactly what he likes and what he doesn't like. We made it into a game of hot and cold he says hot when I'm doing something right, cold when I'm doing something that isn't getting him closer to getting off. I know it's been two years. I know you're frustrated; so is she. I know you're losing hope. It's making her just as uncomfortable talking about it as it is doing it. Let her know as if it isn't obvious already that you have been waiting, and that when she pushes it off over and over again, it's discouraging.

Let her know what it does to your self-image. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a blowjob, and in my own experience, giving a guy some awesome head can get me off quicker than him going down on me. I actually talked to a friend of mine that used to run a sex advice radio show.

She basically laid it out like this:. When I tell my partner it's disgusting, whether I mean to or not, I'm basically telling him that the idea of pleasing him is disgusting. When I say 'not right now' I'm basically saying 'I don't accept your requests right now' and it's almost as if I'm saying that I don't care about what you want.

She put it into perspective for me by letting me know that I can never expect to ask my boyfriend to ever try anything new, because I refuse to do something he's been asking me for over and over. She also pointed out that this is not something that needs to happen right away. This is extremely sensitive. This is going to take time. You, as her boyfriend, need to make comfort and understanding take precedence over your own wants or desires. Make sure she knows exactly what you feel, and make sure she is comfortable. It's going to be hard because she's obviously clearly stated how she feels.

It's your turn. Let her know how it feels every time you get turned down especially if the Single girl for bj is something like "it's disgusting".

If you ever want to talk to the friend of mine that helped me, send me a PM and I'll give you her contact info. She would be more than happy to help you two out if you want. She can even talk to your girlfriend if you'd like her to. OK heres the thing.

I have been married 25 years and for the first 13 years my wife would not could not give BJs. She could not explain why and she did try several times to do the deed but backed off at the last minite. Long story shortseems she was sexually abused by her father from the age of 2 yrs and although she was to small for intercourse she was forced to give head anytime the areshole came home drunk. Until the flashbacks and breakdown she Single girl for bj absolutely no memories of this abuse but after she recovered took about 2 years of hell she now remembers everything and we are now back to a normal sex life which includes great and very infusiastic BJs.

S She had her father arrested but he was never charged due to lack of evidence. He die of cancer 2 years ago. First off, stop pressuring her. Let her get over whatever psychological block she has against blowjobs and let her do it in her own time. You pressuring her for it make actually be hurting the situation. Respect her feelings.

Secondly, you're not suppose to be going down on her expecting that she returns the favor. All aspects of sex are suppose to be about pleasure.

Single girl for bj

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