Sex dating in Vulcan

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The Trek BBS. ed: Jul 15, And correct me if I'm wrong but aren't Vulcans physical with eachother through mind melds? Or can they be intimate like humans? Very confused. ed: May 10, Location: Mr. Laser Beam is in the visitor's bullpen. Vulcans still have emotions. They don't express them in their day-to-day lives, but in the privacy of the bedroom I'm sure they can be as romantic as anyone. In ST09, Sarek admitted he married Amanda because he loved her. Vulcans can still feel love. They just do it in private. As for mind melds? Those are not a replacement for romantic feelings, or sex, or anything like that.

Vulcans can do all of those things. San GuinaryMar 20, ed: Nov 22, Location: Melakon's grave. In "Journey to Babel", Sarek said he married Amanda because "At the time, it seemed the logical thing to do. And the physical act of sex doesn't require an emotional reaction like romance or love.

MelakonMar 20, Neumann likes this. I see. Good to know. ed: May 26, Location: In many different universes, simultaneously.

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TimewalkerMar 20, ed: Dec 30, Location: I am Serveaux. GrootMar 20, SindaturMar 20, ed: Aug 26, We never really learn what sort of stigma is attached to the fact that Sarek married an alien or that Spock is a half-breed. The childhood scenes of "Yesteryear" and ST09 suggest Spock's fellow kids didn't appreciate either aspect, but kids are monsters anyway, and you can't tell with Vulcan adults whether the situation improves with age.

Timo Saloniemi. TimoMar 20, ed: May 25, Location: Hurricane Alley. Spock's parentage was convenient for story-telling purposes. Sex dating in Vulcan could do "alien" things and even have a slightly different appearance, but yet he still could look human enough and have the option of acting human if the need arose. ed: Jul 1, MalaikaMar 20, But if Vulcans only mate every seven years then would most humans who marry Vulcans be quite sexless people?

And if Vulcans can have passionate sex without the Pon Farr then what's the bloody point of Pon Farr. ed: Nov 16, Location: Land of Illusion. There's no evidence that Vulcans would have less sexual activity than humans, really.

What would be the logic of not fucking like rabbits all the time? Indeed, Vulcans are supposed to be much more passionate than humans - that's what almost terminated their existence in those past wars. They refrain from blowing up their world nowadays, and a big part of that is that at work, they hide their passion.

At home, they need not be that careful. Pon farr was never about copulation. Thanks to the chaste language of the s, it's explicitly about finding a mate, not mating with your find. Sure, once the match is made, there might be sex although we never witness a case of pon farr where that would be true, other Sex dating in Vulcan supposedly ST3 between Spock and Saavik.

But there might be sex at any other time, too. If a mate is found, supposedly pon farr ceases to be a factor, being soothed out of existence by the link between husband and wife. Poor Tuvok in VOY just happened to be outside the range of that link As for the female equivalent of pon farr, it's still largely a mystery.

And T'Pol gets something anomalous in ENT, probably not particularly representative of the real deal. So, we're still waiting.

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Hear us? If Pon farr is about finding a mate then why do Vulcans go through it every seven years? If they already have a spouse, what's the point? ed: Jul 5, Location: Locutus of Bored. Ghost of TuvixMar 20, San Guinary likes this. ed: Jan 17, Last edited: Mar 21, DalesMar 21, It seems clear from the shows and the movies that Vulcans fall in love, have sex and desire sex just as much as Humans do.

I just think it was a mistake to do that to them It makes Pon Farr an utterly meaningless concept.

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Star Trek has an unfortunate tendency to "humanise" pretty much every species that comes along sooner or later. They start out being very "alien" and usually have a cultural point of uniqueness that brings them into conflict with humans but eventually the show makes them all embrace Human characteristics. Human sexuality Vulcans human pacifism Klingons human material values Ferenghi human rationality the Borg etc etc Making Vulcans sexual and romantic was done purely to have more romances take place in the show to please girls And as everyone knows, girls are silly and smell.

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Sex dating in Vulcan

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