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Relocating to a new city is one of the biggest—and potentially most rewarding—life changes you can make. It takes some work and courage to uproot your life and move it somewhere new, but doing so gives you a fresh start. Start by listing out all your potential relocation expenses—these are just costs associated with the process of moving to your new home, so you can leave out change in cost of living and taxes for now more on that below. In this budget, make sure to include:. That means reviewing two big : cost of living and taxes. Check out a cost of living calculator, like this one from NerdWalletto see how much your cost of living will change when relocating.

While cost of living and taxes are key parts of research when relocating, finding out the local laws are key, too. There are plenty of fun details to research, too. Before you commit to relocating, you need to get a sense of what the Relocation advice needed are like in your potential new home. There are plenty of great resources for after you relocatebut scoping out an area before you decide to move there is a lot harder.

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Thankfully, these sites can help you get a sense of what an area is like before you pick up and move there. If you have a specific question, this is also the best place to ask to get localized, honest answers.

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Niche is like the Yelp of neighborhoods. Which bring us to our next piece of advice…. If you rent a home, then you may be stuck in an unhappy situation for a few months or a year. But if you buy a home? Instead of buying a place right away, consider renting on a month-to-month basis so you have a chance to test the neighborhoods for yourself without the added pressure of a short trip. When relocating, you have a lot of choices for different ways to tackle moving. A traditional cross-country mover may take all the truck-driving and physical lifting out of the equation, but it will do so at a hefty cost.

Doing a total DIY move where you lift everything yourself and rent your own truck may save you some cash, but it requires a lot of work. The best way Relocation advice needed move when relocating is a hybrid model. Rent and drive a truck, ship your items with Amtrakor use a portable storage system like PODS to take care of the cross-country move. Handle packing yourself instead of hiring a potential packer, but maybe use a rentable moving box service to get moving boxes delivered to your door.

Make friendsgo out to new places, and get to know your new city. Dolly can help you load up your moving truck, bring your old furniture to the local dump, and even bring your new furniture from the store to your new home. Miranda is the Marketing Coordinator at Dolly.

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