Paradise being friends with

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I have a big heart what can I say. Ultimately, I care about people. To say paradise was rough for me is an understatement. I have no one to blame but myself for that. No matter the differences all of us had on that beach, I will always have respect for each and every one of you, being brave enough to be yourselves and chase the love we all feel we deserve.

Never forget that we are all human and not characters on television.

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I want to thank those of you that have sent me kind words and encouraging messages. Those have helped more than you will ever know. I hope that this is not the end of my story and I can look back at this summer and be grateful for the lessons learned and the friends made bekind imstillnotgonnastopdancing imstillgoingtostagecoach.

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Skip ! Story from Entertainment. Martha Sorren. It was too little too late for Kristina Schulman when Blake Horstmann finally decided to turn his attention towards her on Bachelor in Paradise. After pursuing Hannah Godwin, Tayshia Adams, and Caitlin Clemmens on the show, Blake decided that what he wanted had been in front of him the whole time.

He tried to plan a romantic date for Kristina, but she gently let him down. Both of them ended up leaving the show separately during the Sept. Being friends is also how they left things on Paradise — or at least how Kristina left things.

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Like, I really did not want to upset you. She may have given him grief at times on the show, but she was also invested in him finding love.

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That's part of why she kept giving him roses, so he could stay on the show longer. Post-show, Blake has been pretty quiet on social media ever since he released his texts with Caelynn Miller-Keyes and got slammed for doing so. Kristina came to his defense in that matter, though, commenting on his Instagram"Speak your truth, no one can take that away from you. She added that she and Blake were still friends and she wanted the best for him. She wrote, "Ultimately, I care about people. She also posted on her Instagram stories and later Tweeted in defense of Blake when she noticed fans directing hate towards him.

He hasn't been as vocal since the texts incident, but Blake did post a lengthy Instagram caption after leaving Paradise. In it, he talked about how he had learned a lot and was grateful to those who sent kind words along the way and that he would still be going to Stagecoach next year oh, Blake.

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View this post on Instagram. Kristina and Blake still follow each other on Instagram but she hasn't yet liked or commented on that picture. She has liked and commented on some of his other ones, and Blake has liked several of her post-show shots as well. Based on everything Kristina has tweeted, she seems to stand by Blake to this day as his friend — but nothing more.

Unless, you know, Stagecoach gets the better of them in Groundbreaking No, What might have been the most chaotic season of Bachelor in Paradise has finally come to an end, and although the process was more tumultuous than it neede. The Korean drama is quickly becoming on. Instead of having.

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There are some things we expect from Bachelor in Paradise: Love triangles, lying, people making out in front of each other. Then, there are the things we c. The thing with Bachelor in Paradise promos is that they are often purposefully misleading. Even though the finale promo hints that Kendall Long returns to. So They Came U It helpe.

Paradise being friends with

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Friends in Heaven: This Present Paradise, Part 17