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Bloomberg May 03, The center, which has a budget of millions of dollars, monitors and researches potential electronic incidents that may affect governmental institutes. To do that, the relatively new center, established inis looking to hire 30 more people, totaling to about 90 people in its workforce. Foreigners will only work in a consultant capacity, he added.

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We are proud of that and want to keep it like that. As cybersecurity concerns grow in the region, Dubai has been on high alert.

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DESC has been focusing on ensuring the security of transport and energy sectors, especially following the "Shamoon 2" virus that targeted government agencies and companies in Saudi Arabia. Dubai has had no recorded incidents of the virus, Sharaf said. Some Dubai government institutes faced phishing attempts, and other small incidents in the last six months, Sharaf said, declining to elaborate further. DESC is only just beginning to seek publicity, via sponsoring conferences and participating in round tables and career fairs.

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They are looking to hire individuals with a cybersecurity and forensics background, Sharaf explained. Women for 35 percent of its workforce. Finding the appropriate national workforce may prove difficult. DESC has been researching technologies that currently lack regulation such as cloud computing, autonomous vehicles, and block-chain. It also plans to introduce a cybersecurity strategy for Dubai sometime this month, Sharaf said. It will be rolled out to their government stakeholders, he said, declining to provide further information.

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Admission ticket for the Seccon final competition in January in Tokyo. Dubai on high alert since "Shamoon 2" attack on Saudi Arabia.

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Only locals need apply

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