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It is located on the northern coast of the Mediterranean, surrounded on three sides by France, and on the fourth side by the sea, only 8 km 5 mi from the French-Italian border. Monaco's defense is the responsibility of France, and its foreign policy is aligned with that of the French Republic.

The principality is the smallest of all French-speaking countries and the world's most densely populated state. Its climate is Mediterranean, with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. There is ample evidence of Stone Age settlements on the territory of today's Monaco but its first known inhabitants were probably the ancient Ligurians.

Throughout antiquity, this area was called "Port Herakles" for an ancient god known in Greek as "Herakles Monoikos" or "Herakles of the Single House" and a temple that was dedicated to him there. In the Genoese Ghibellines, supporters of Emperor Henry VIattracted by the strategic advantages of Monaco's harbor, lay the first stone of the fortress, the foundation of today's Prince's Palace.

Eager to attract residents, they granted the new arrivals exemptions from taxes and important land privileges. In the next three centuries Monaco would become a site of continuous strife between the Ghibellins, supporters of the Emperor, and the Guelphs, supporters of the Pope.

One of the most prominent Genoese Guelph families were the Grimaldis. In the family was expelled from Genoa and settled in Provence. From there, inwith their small army, the Grimaldis seized the fortress and captured Monaco. No Monaco sex for locals ey lost control over it in only to return in Charles Grimaldi, considered to be the real founder of the principality, then bought the neighboring lordships of Menton and Roquebrune; they would remain part of the principality until Yet, it took the Grimaldis nearly two centuries to establish their indisputable sovereignty over Monaco inwhen Charles VIII of France and the Duke of Savoy recognized its independence.

In Monaco was placed under the protection of Spain, with grave financial consequences for the principality's treasury. The Spanish garrison was expelled and a French one installed in Monaco. In addition, the prince ificantly enlarged and embellished the Palace and added art by the greatest European masters to its collections.

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Life at the court flowered, with numerous balls and ceremonies throughout the year. Inafter the outbreak of the French RevolutionMonaco's rulers, whose income largely depended on their fiefs in France, found themselves cut off from the considerable part of their financial resources. In February the principality was incorporated into France and the Palace—its works of art dispersed or sold—became a hospital and a home for the poor.

Members of the prince's family were imprisoned and then freed; some even served in the French army. Following the abdication of Napoleon insovereignty was restored in the principality. In the second Treaty of Paris placed it under the protection of the King of Sardinia, and the financial resources of the country were considerably diminished. In the communes of Menton and Roquebrune declared their independence and in Prince Charles III gave up his rights over these territories to France, reducing thus the principality to one-twentieth of its territory, in exchange for a large indemnity and guaranteed independence.

The revenue generated by the Company and the of visitors exceeded even the most optimistic expectations, especially afterfollowing the construction of the railway line between Nice and Ventimiglia.

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Albert Iwho succeeded his father inwas a world-famous oceanographer and paleontologist, one of the founders of modern oceanography, and a great pacifist. Arts prospered once again in the principality and in Albert I gave Monaco a constitution. His son, Louis IIsucceeded him as the prince of Monaco in In the Italian army occupied Monaco, establishing a Fascist administration. After the fall of Mussolini's Italy, Germany occupied the principality and started to deport the resident Jewish population. Rainier III was to be, with his year long reign, one of the longest ruling monarchs of the 20th century.

He drew international attention by his marriage to the American motion picture actress Grace Kelly. After ascending the throne of a country with a practically empty treasury, Rainier III worked assiduously on promoting Monaco as a tax haven and a sophisticated commercial and international tourist center. In he introduced a new constitution that reduced the power of the sovereign, abolished capital punishmentand granted voting rights to women.

He became popularly known as "The Builder Prince," working No Monaco sex for locals to transform Monaco into a thriving international business, sports, tourism, and culture center, and launching in the land reclamation project to increase his country's small territory. Rainier was equally dedicated to establishing Monaco's status in the international community and in the principality become the rd member of the United Nations.

With the contribution of Princess Grace, Monaco became an international cultural center, attracting visitors and celebrities from all over the world. After the princess was killed in a car accident, her eldest child, Princess Caroline, assumed her mother's official duties.

Princess Caroline of Hanover as she has been officially known after her marriage to Prince Ernst-August of Hanover, grandson of the last German Emperor continues to represent Monaco in her country and abroad and is UNESCO's goodwill ambassador for the education of young girls and women. She is also the founding president of "Fight Aids Monaco," an organization she established to help people living with HIV. The Foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco, created by Prince Albert II, has as its goal the protection of the environment and funding research on sustainable development at the international level.

Monaco is situated at France's southeastern-most corner, near the Italian border. With an area of 1. Its coastline is 4. The principality is divided into four traditional quarters. Monaco-Ville, the oldest section, is the site of the prince's palace, which is located on a promontory called le Rocher the Rockthe gardens, Saint Nicholas Cathedral, and the Oceanographic museum. The Condamine is the second oldest area of Monaco, situated No Monaco sex for locals the northwest corner of the principality.

Monte-Carlo, created in and named by Prince Charles III, is the main luxury resort area and home to Monaco's famous gambling casino. Fontvieille is the newest of the four traditional quarters and is built on the land reclaimed from the Mediterranean Sea since the s. Its waterfront area features an industrial zone consisting mainly of light, non-polluting industries, the Louis II soccer stadium, a heliport with links to Nice airport in France, and the International University of Monaco.

Administratively, Monaco is divided into 10 wards. The 11th ward, Le Portier, is to be created from land reclamation and settled from Non-French residents pay no personal income, capital gains, housing, or real estate tax. With 15, residents per sq km 40, per sq mithe tiny principality is one of the world's most densely populated countries.

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It is a Romance language and a dialect of the modern Ligurian language, currently spoken in the Italian region of Liguria and parts of the Mediterranean coastal zone of France. Strong efforts have been made since to prevent its disappearance. Notari also wrote Monaco's national anthem. Because of the large of foreign nationals residing in the principality and many visitors, English is frequently used as a lingua franca vehicular language.

Italian is also widely spoken. A colorful legend surrounds Monaco's patron saint, St. Persecuted by the Romans for her religious beliefs, she died a martyr's death before reaching the age of Obeying the instructions they had received in a vision, a priest and his deacon put the martyr's body in a boat and set out to sea.

The boatman, following the dove that he saw flying out of the dead woman's mouth, landed in Monaco, where her body was buried at a chapel. As No Monaco sex for locals of the observance, in the evening of January 26 the Grimaldi family and other government officials set fire to a wooden boat in front of the church of St. On January 27 a religious service at the Saint Nicholas Cathedral is held, and there is a procession of the relics and the blessing of the Palace, the town, and the sea. The service is followed by fireworks and receptions in the Monte Carlo Opera House. National Day November 19 festivities typically are: a Thanksgiving Mass, a conferring of honors and decorations at the Palace, a gala evening at the Opera House, gifts and treats for children and the elderly, and fireworks.

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A Christmas loaf u pan de Natalewith an ornament in the shape of a cross, made of walnuts and olive twigs, decorates the table. Before Christmas dinner, the youngest or the oldest guest soaks an olive branch in a glass of old wine. He or she then approaches the fireplace, makes a of a cross with the branch, and pronounces a few words on the virtues of the olive tree.

On a darker note, another legend claims that a woman wronged by Rainier I, an ancestor of the current monarch, placed a curse on his family, casting a shadow on any happiness they might enjoy in marriage. The Grimaldi family has certainly had its share of unhappy events in the recent past. In Princess Grace was killed in a car accident and in Stefano Casiraghi, the first husband of Grace's eldest daughter Caroline, died while competing in a boating race, leaving his young wife a widow with three small children.

There are five Catholic churches in Monaco and one cathedral. Monaco also belongs to the Church of England 's Gibraltar diocese.

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There is one Anglican church, with membership ofbut serving also a large of visitors and tourists. The martyrdom of Monaco's patron saint, St. Many of the rites of passage that young people undergo are based on religious rituals, such as baptism, first Communion, confirmation, and marriage, but the emphasis is placed ificantly less on the religious than on the social aspect of the ritual.

The people of Monaco interact with each other in ways similar to those of people in sophisticated cities worldwide.

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Relationships between sexes are marked by complete equality and cohabitation either before or, increasingly, instead of marriage is common. The customary greeting is a handshake while the embrace and kisses on both cheeks are reserved for friends and relatives. The usual form of address is "Mr.

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Some of the more traditional ways of interaction and courtesy opening a door for a woman or an elderly person, or offering them a better seat in a restaurant or in public transportation are still widely observed. In daily interactions with strangers and casual acquaintances, great importance is attached to a courteous and cordial, but unintrusive mode of communication, where spirited remarks are exchanged and appreciated, but where questions of a more personal nature are generally discouraged until a much closer relationship has developed.

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