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We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising. You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here. In this article. But there will be occasions where we need to wash hotter or cooler to best clean our clothes, while protecting the fabrics. Our washing machine temperature guide will help you to decide which temperature to wash your clothes at, whether you're washing jeans, whites, coloureds or baby clothes.

If you're in the market for a new washing machine, head straight over to our washing machine reviews. The answer is yes, you can, depending on the stain. This is because washing machines need to use less energy to heat water to lower temperatures. More than a quarter of Which? As you might imagine, it's the recommended setting for a lot of delicate clothes, such as wool and silk — always check the label, though.

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Lower temperatures are also good at helping to preserve colourfully dyed fabrics, although a good-quality laundry detergent can help with this, too. Find out more on the benefits of washing at lower temperatures. As most Which? If your washing machine has a specialist jeans program — and you have the time to split and separate your wash like this — this will use more water to flush away detergent and spins more gently to avoid creasing.

How to wash clothes - find out more on how to wash denim jeans, baby clothes and underwear. Any hotter and you run the Need a black load of shrinking what can be quite delicate clothes. This will be a little hotter, but rinses more thoroughly — more so than on a normal wash setting — to make absolutely sure that as much detergent as possible has been rinsed away. No, a cold wash will be colder than this and should involve no heating of the water at all. Separating white clothes from coloureds is more important than the temperature you wash them at. If you separate them, you give yourself the best chance of avoiding colours from other clothes bleeding into them.

The temperature you wash at will depend upon how dirty they are, how robust the items are and how dirty they are. Washing a mixture of bright colours together is fine and only becomes a problem if any whites end up in the load. Find a great machine for washing coloured clothes among our washing machine Best Buys. Washing machines often have as many as 20 programs for washing, rinsing and spinning. These can include a baby clothes wash that has several rinses to make sure as much detergent is removed from the garments as possible, an easy iron program and intensive programs to help shift stubborn stains.

For more information on these programs and more, consult our washing machine jargon buster. Test score. Aaron West. What temperature should I wash denim jeans at? What temperature should I wash bed sheets at? View more links.

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