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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. My wife Claire and I are in our early 60's, retired, and in mostly good health. Claire is a beautiful lady with a sweet personality, but conservative and somewhat shy. She was a virgin when we married. Her medium length hair is silver, but still very full, high cheekbones and bright brown eyes, and a bit taller than I at 5'9".

She is what used to be called big-boned, with broad shoulders, thick waist, and wide hips. Her belly is soft, but without any rolls. Her ass is plump, but very shapely, and her breasts are, to be blunt, enormous, hanging well down on her chest, with large brown nipples the size of grapes, surrounded by a lighter brown areola.

Her legs are long and shapely, and where they meet lays a very nice pink pussy surrounded by tangled silver hair. As I said, I'm a bit shorter at 5'8", broad chested and also thicker around the middle. I still have a decent head of salt and pepper gray hair, and both my chest hair and pubes are gray.

I'm lucky in that my very average sized and shaped 7" cock can still get hard and stay hard without any drugs. Our sex life was good, mostly satisfying, and had settled into a comfortable routine. I am the more adventurous one, and like to add variety to our lovemaking. For the most part, Claire welcomes my ideas, but she never suggests anything herself, nor does she initiate sex. As I said, she is very conservative.

I knew of such activity, of course, but had never paid it much attention. But as I read through the tales of couples switching off with other couples, swingers clubs, nudist colonies, etc, I found it very Mature swinging story Swinging. I had never considered the idea of another man having sex with Claire, but I had to admit, I did not mind it, in fact it was exciting. Of course, I was also interested in fucking a strange woman, very interested in fact.

After masturbating, I calmed down enough to give it some rational thought, and began searching the internet for clubs or camps. I was pleasantly surprised to find several within a couple of hours drive, and spent the rest of the day perusing the websites.

There was a Mature swinging story Swinging variety, as you might expect, but I was able to narrow it down to 3 locations, each offering a different experience. The next step was to broach the subject with Claire. We were very open with each other, but I also knew this would be well out her comfort zone. She returned home from shopping, to find I had a glass of wine waiting for her, and dinner in the oven.

This made her happy, of course, and we sat down to talk while waiting on our meal. Claire downed the first glass right away, and I was right there with the bottle for a refill. She commented on how attentive I was, and that I must want something.

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I just gave her Mature swinging story Swinging sly grin at that. After we were seated at the table, I filled her glass again. Claire was in an incredibly good mood, so I decided not to wait. I began by telling her I had a question for her, that she might find it a bit of a shock, and I wanted her to ponder it before responding. She gave me a suspicious look, but nodded in agreement.

I want to know, would you consider going to a clothing-optional club? I did so, and sat back to await her response. Once I was on the site, it was much different than I expected, and in fact looked like fun. Claire listened with interest, but I could tell she was very skeptical as well. I asked if she would like to look at the website with me. I fetched my laptop, brought up the site, and we spent some time checking it out. I'll support you, and keep my trunks on.

How does that sound? The days flew, and on Saturday we made the 30 minute drive to the club. It was located in a wooded area in the country, at the end of a private lane. A guard at the gate examined our receipt and opened the gate for us.

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Claire noted that at least he was clothed, and I laughed at her attempt at a joke, earning me a punch in the shoulder. The lane ended at a compound of neat modern buildings. We parked near the office, and checked in as we had been instructed. A very nice young man at the desk gave us a map, and directed us to the locker room where we could change, or disrobe, as we wished.

I changed quickly into my trunks, and went outside to wait for Claire. She was a few minutes behind me, and was in her white swimsuit under a yellow beach robe, and of course wearing sunglasses. We made our way to the pool, found two lounge chairs under an umbrella, and settled in. On the short Mature swinging story Swinging to the pool, we passed a few people, all quite friendly, and all without clothing.

Under her glasses Claire's face was red, but she said nothing and stayed by my side. I knew this was a jolt to her conservative mindset, and was hoping she would stick it out, and give herself a chance to get used to the relaxed atmosphere, and the total lack of self-consciousness displayed by the other members. We sat down, and a waiter, also in swimwear, came by and took our drink order. With drinks in hand, we settled in. There was a constant stream of folks walking by us, in and out of the pool area.

Every body shape, male and female, was on display. No one made any note of our being clothed, the only comments being to say hello as they passed. At first, all the naked female bodies caused my cock to stir, and I lay a folded towel on my lap.

For her part, Claire was stealing secretive glances at the men. But the novelty did indeed wear off, and my cock settled back down.

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Claire seemed to relax too as time passed, and she even commented Mature swinging story Swinging how normal everyone was acting. I chuckled, and asked her what she had expected. But except for the lack of clothing, this could be Mature swinging story Swinging pool at any country club.

Oh, I guess I anticipated there would be some groping going on, but everyone is behaving themselves. That's what the cabins are for. I'm sure there is lovemaking going on as we speak, even naughty things like swapping partners, but it can't be out in the open. It was mentioned on another website, that on specified dates, there are swingers parties at this club. She said nothing for several minutes, and the waiter brought us more drinks. Taking a sip, she turned to me.

I gave it some thought before answering, Claire looking at me closely as I did so. On one hand, I think it could be fun and exciting, a new adventure if you will. We've been talking for some time about trying new things, as you recall. On the other hand, as exciting as it might be, it would ultimately be a failure unless we were both doing it in the right frame of mind. By that, I mean, both of us enjoying it, without feeling pressure. I love you very much, and I would feel terrible if I felt you were participating against your will.

So yes, I think it might be fun to explore, but only if you'll do it with me, and freely. I left her to her thoughts, and continued to enjoy the parade of breasts and asses passing before me. Several minutes passed before she spoke, and then it was to ask if we could leave. With some disappointment, I agreed, and we gathered out things, changed, and set out for home. Oh well, I had tried, and failed, or so I thought. Back at our home, Claire brewed some coffee, and sat down with me. I could tell she had something on her mind.

I've being mulling over our visit to the club, and also what you said about swapping. I love you too, very much, and I would never want to jeopardize that. I want to know, would you really want me to have sex with another man? I had fully expected the matter to come up, but as a full blown rejection.

So once again, I thought carefully about what I wanted to say. Claire sipped at her coffee, and patiently waited. And I will never love another woman like I love you. Sex is a part of our life as a couple, but only a part.

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I have never looked at it as the defining thing in our relationship. Yes, if we were to do this, I would definitely feel nervous, jealous, all of those things, if I knew another man was having you. I feel those are normal reactions. At the same time, I admit to finding it exciting as well, but only if I knew you were enjoying the experience, like it was a gift from me to you.

There is also the fact that having sex with someone new is, normally, a highly charged experience. I vividly remember our first time. And even though sex with you today is still a wonderful thing, it's become something familiar and comfortable. Still exciting, but in a different way. I look forward to it with great happiness and anticipation, but of course, it's not the first time, so that extra thrill has been replaced with other feelings.

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To my relief, Claire smiled at me, and nodded. You like where we are, as far as our sex life is concerned, but you'd like to add to it, not replace it with something else. Am I correct? You took my ramblings, and distilled them down into something coherent. That is exactly right, I want to add to our sex life. And if we try something, and it doesn't meet expectations, then we cross it off to experience. Having said that, I think it best if we approached it in steps. Today was step 1, we went to the club, and discovered that the folks there are normal.

I think step 2 would be to go back, and this time leave our clothes in the lockers. What would you think about that? I was too shy to make conversation today, and I appreciate that you did not pressure me at all. I won't guarantee I won't chicken out at the last minute. That evening, our lovemaking had an urgency that had been missing for some time. Before I fell asleep, I hoped that was a good.

The next weekend came around, and we were back at the club.

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As I undressed, the thought of being nude in front of strangers was very stimulating, and my cock was rock hard. Not wanting to make a scene, I took an ice cold shower, and it subsided.

Mature swinging story Swinging

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