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Follow LyricsMoron. Lyrics: My Dick. Artist: Mickey Avalon.

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Rating: My dick cost a late night fee Your dick got the HIV My dick plays on the double feature screen Your dick went straight to DVD My dick bigger than a bridge Your dick look like a little kids My dick rush like the chargers the whole team Your shit look like you fourteen My dick locked in a cage right Your dick suffer from stage fright My dick so hot its stolen Your dick look like Gary Coleman My dick pink and big Your dick stinks like shit My dick got a caesar doo, Your dick needs a tweezer dude My dick is like supersize Your dick look like two fries My dick more mass than the Earth Your dick half staff it needs work My dick been there done that Your dick sits there with dunce cap My dick, V.

Your shit needs I. Your dick loves sweat [Repeat 2x] It's time that we let the world know Dude, you gotta let your girl go D. Tags on My Dick. Popularity My Dick.

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Vladimir Poonhog wrote on 13th Augh: this song fucking blows. Lumberjack wrote on 25th Octh: Fuck jesus and his dick. Large whopper wrote on 1st Augh: I am a pretty religious guy and I really don't give a fuck about the"dicks like Jesus" line.

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Im tall and have a 5" dick It kinda hurts when people joke small penises I wish I was big. I can't get a lot of girls Guest wrote on 25th Janh: yo man how can u say somethin like that all of u shtfu. Guest wrote on 25th Janh: the song is funny but dirty. How can he write such words for Jesus???!!! You fucked the whole thing up man!!!

I hate brainwashed people.

Love my dick played with

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