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Written by Smokey Robinson and Ronnie White. Surely the sound of bets being hedged — for Motown to pit two prospects against each other like this in a potentially mutually-damaging head-to-head contest was a rather strange move. That Kim ended up winning the New Mary role, over Carolyn and apparently Brenda Holloway, is a matter of record; it probably prolonged her Motown career and saw a few more great singles we might never otherwise have had, and so for that we too should be grateful.

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There are good arguments both ways. In the other column, this was written and produced by Smokey Robinson, acknowledged master of matching voice to material, and it seems barely credible Smokey would have written Kim a bespoke new song like this one which required her to sing so far outside her comfort zone unless Motown had demanded it to strengthen the Kim-as-Mary connection, I suppose. Whatever the case, Kim struggles terribly with singing this one.

Leave a comment, or click the thumbs at the bottom there. Dissent is encouraged! Click for more. The Nixon Administration said:. February 4, at pm. Like Like. Stanley Blackwell said:. October 16, at pm. This is one the best songs to come out of Motown. Kim Weston did not get her true due because attention was being given to groups like the Supremes. Kim had a beautiful voice and she had class! I give this record an Like Liked by 1 person. Dave L said:. In Philadelphia, at the height of the disco craze, some Saturday night radio DJ made a practice of mixing it with contemporary stuff. I loved it immediately, and spent another dozen years chasing a 45 of it.

Hunting any obscure 45 in the pre-Net days was a much more labor-intensive and worn-shoe exercise. My instinct too, Looking for that right guy that Kim is not in love with her own song here, and the finished production does sound choppy to me. This one is a 7 with me, even if would have suited Wells better, even if Smokey could have polished it better. The bombastic Kim is gonna be back in her comfort zone soon enough, too. February 5, at pm.

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I think everyone is. Michael said:. Robb Klein said:. This is also one of my favourite Motown recordings. Kim does a good job on it. Lyrics matter little to me.

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This is mainly a matter of taste. I suppose there appears to be little if any consistency. We all love what we love, and bollocks to what anyone else says we should love. Be proud and be vocal, just be passionate.

Different strokes, and all that. John Plant said:. Landini said:. March 10, at pm. If anyone is inconsisitent in their music tastes it would be me. I remember driving my older brothers crazy. My best to all! February 5, at am. Matt W said:. Never could stand this one. Not nearly good enough to be a Motown A-side.

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They should have made it a Supremes B-side or something or better yet, left it in the vaults. Ford said:. February 7, at am. Especially from the drum beat sounding like galloping horses and even the guitar. John Lester said:. February 7, at pm. Oh dear. A 2 rating is not very good at all, is it!. It made me realise I needed to play what I already had instead of trying to find something new.

Is it possible to avoid replications of the labels showing the cut-out holes. Maybe not well but I do try!

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Re: your last point. If you or anyone else reading this have an improvement I can use, please do send it to me!

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November 25, at pm. ThinPaperWings said:. March 8, at pm. Only a 2? This is an outrage! Just kidding! I do like the song, but Miss Weston had plenty of even better songs in her reperitore. Keep up the good work Mr. That song was a total Mary Wells jam.

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June 29, at pm. Sure do—summer and yes i can hear Mary Wells doing her thing on that song. The breathy vocals and all…yeah, perfect fit. January 5, at am. If anything, it would make a great album track providing Motown had given Kim one of those!

So theres a lot wrong with this record. The piano line threatens to overwhelm Kim throughout. But dammit its fun! Kevin Moore said:. November 25, at am. Smokey could sue himself for plagiarism and win on this one.

Looking for that right guy

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