Looking for my awesome friend

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Best friends are one of life's truly great joys. Deep friendships like these offer solace during hard times and laugh-til-your-face-hurts happiness other times. Even if you've spent the past year or months apart, your friendship picks up right where it left off.

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Best friends might be the first to post a "Happy Birthday" tribute on social media, text you their favorite friendship verses to encourage youand gift you a stellar gift they know you'll love. Whether you met during an event during college or around a campfire as kids, you're just so glad to have found someone who you can be totally, completely yourself around and know they'll embrace you percent.

Staying in touch lately has been a little tough, but you've done a few girl's nights over Zoom or socially distanced hikes or coffee dates, and it just feels so good to be connected not matter if it's in person or digitally. These quotes will show you that true friendship is the key to a healthy heart and mind, and best friends do so much to make our world a better place.

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Looking for my awesome friend

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What makes a good friend?