Looking for a breadwinner

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Women have been achieving higher levels of success in the workplace and starting their own businesses in greater s over the past few years. However, as women become increasingly active and at more senior levels in their careers, they still have ificant responsibilities at home.

Burning the candle at both ends has led to widespread female breadwinner stress. If ignored, burnout can manifest in the form of physical ailments.

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One of the best ways to manage female breadwinner stress and ward off burnout is to establish boundaries with yourself and others. In the latter case, it could look like saying no to requests from colleagues or friends when your plate is already full. If you struggle with setting boundaries, keep in mind that you can only be at your best for others when you first prioritize yourself, your peace of mind, and your health.

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Speaking of sleep, American women aged 30 to 60 sleep an average of six hours and 41 minutes on weeknights when they should be dozing for seven to nine hours. By watching for s of burnout and setting boundaries in your work and social life, you can start taking more time to rest and recharge. Going for lunch breaks, leaving your desk to walk around or stretch, and taking your eyes off your computer screen are all part of a healthy workday. This is intended to help prevent headaches and eye strain.

If this is the case, consider making some changes in your personal life, your professional life, or both. These changes could include cutting back on volunteer commitments, delegating tasks at work to your team or an assistant, or changing jobs altogether.

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Speaking with a financial advisor can help you understand how much you really need to work to support your lifestyle. Whether at home or work, asking for help is an excellent way to mitigate female breadwinner stress. Hiring extra help at work or outsourcing household chores like cleaning or grocery shopping may seem extravagant when you first consider the idea. However, these decisions often make good financial sense when you think about what your time is worth.

You could end up losing a paycheck—or worse—if the burnout in long-term effects on your health.

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Finding a trusted financial advisor to take on this responsibility for you is a wise delegation tactic that can save both time and energy. You also want to seek out an advisor who will look at your entire financial picture to create a plan that aligns with your goals and conduct proactive tax planning as part of managing your assets.

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Being the female breadwinner in your household may sometimes cause friction between you and your partnerbut honest, open communication can help resolve these issues. You can be proud of your accomplishments while maintaining a relationship based on mutual respect and teamwork.

Consulting with your partner on financial decisions is one way to help foster this dynamic. Finding the right person to manage your money and assist with navigating financial decisions is an important milestone that can help move you closer to your goals. Schedule a call with us today to learn more about how we can support you as a financial advocate and sounding board. Topics: Financial Planning. Please remember that past performance may not be indicative of future. Moreover, you should not assume that any discussion or information contained in this blog serves as the receipt of, or as a substitute for, personalized investment advice from Bay Point.

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Are you looking for help managing your finances? Schedule a call with Bay Point Wealth today, and find out how we can take this task off your to-do list. Know the s of burnout. Set clear boundaries. Make time for rest. Reduce your workload. Outsource tasks. Find a financial advisor. Communicate openly with your partner.

Make time for fun. Personalized Financial Guidance For Female Breadwinners Finding the right person to manage your money and assist with navigating financial decisions is an important milestone that can help move you closer to your goals. Subscribe Here! Recent Posts. All rights reservedBay Point Wealth.

Looking for a breadwinner

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