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Good to see you. Thank you. But I have a couple questions I want to ask you. New cases are up three — you know, three times since last month. The pandemic is a big concern. Hospitalizations, death rising. So, you said last month that this — that the virus is in retreat. Do you still feel that way? Is that still the case? But this is not a pandemic. LEMON: But what do you say to people who are worried about a new round of restrictions Lets do whatever you want mask mandates and so forth?

You know, the — this pandemic was out of control. It really has. Not a joke. This is overwhelming evidence to sustain that. And so, what I say to people who are worried about a new pandemic is: Get vaccinated. Q Okay. I want to introduce you to Andrea Granieri. Andrea, welcome. The most important, thankless job in the world: being on a school board.

Q Thank you. Masks are seen less and less. And, as you know, children under age 12 still are not eligible to be vaccinated. Schools are working with all of this information as they think about reopening next month. What is your message to those parents, educators, and school districts?

I really do. So, you know, I understand — one. two, the CDC is going to say that what we should Lets do whatever you want is, everyone over the age of — under the age of 12 should probably be wearing a mask in school. LEMON: Well, let me ask — let me follow up on her question, asking: When will children under 12 be able to get vaccinated?

I do not interfere. And so they are doing — they are doing the examinations now — the testing now, and making the decision now. I expect that to occur quickly. Do it the way we would ordinarily do it. Usually the process takes the better part of a year or more to get some of these things decided. I want to stay on the subject. I want to get to Dr. Nicole Baldwin. Baldwin, go ahead. Thank you for taking my question, Mr. I am a pediatrician who utilizes social media to educate about health. Spread of this misinformation and declining vaccination rates could leave Americans vulnerable to vaccine-preventable diseases in the future.

Applause begins. I mean, literally listen to the scientists, and not interfere, not rush anything. Just make — let the scientists proceed, because they desperately want to get this right — one. two, you may have heard — I never get myself in trouble, as you know, politically — laughs — but you may have heard that I was critical of some of the things that are on Facebook, and it was that I was attacking Facebook. There was a report out saying that for that — something like 45 percent of the overwhelming disinformation on Facebook comes from 12 individuals.

You know, you — one of those other networks is not a big fan of mine. One you talk about a lot. We just have to keep telling the truth. He works for the insurance industry. Q Well, so, my wife Stephanie and I are newlyweds, as of this past Saturday. Q Laughs. We require all of our guests and vendors to be vaccinated to ensure safety.

We are African American, and in many of our communities, people are against the vaccine. How are you working toward convincing those in these communities that the vaccine is safe? African Americans were used as experimental; they were almost like guinea pigs in terms of ex- — they were — anyway.

And your mom and dad remember that, or your grandparents remember that. But we have to talk about it more. For example, I was just with — I get in trouble because my wife is a Philly girl and a Philly fan, an Eagles fan. I just hosted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They are opening up their churches for — as vaccination centers. LEMON: — a commendable attribute to have. But even with my own family — I was just able to get with them. How do you fix that? You got to get people to a point where they trust government.

Raising confidence. And that goes to trust. Government trust is really at a — was at an incredibly low ebb. So with regard to your family in particular. Part of it is not just that they see you on television and trust you; the people who seem to have the most impact are the — are, you know, that — for that year-old kid, the kid that he or she plays ball with.

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Are you okay? There are trusted interlocutors.

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And, look, think about this: This is the worst health crisis in years. As I said, more people have died than all our major wars combined. Think about that. It happened. We had trouble getting enough people — and people who wanted to get vaccinated. I want to get this vaccination. And you got a great dog there. Q Inaudible. Go ahead, Danielle. Q Yes. Laughter and applause.

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Q Her name is Wonder. So, my question is: The economy is picking up ificantly as it reopens from the pandemic. Are you concerned about the higher inflation prices, especially as we see gasoline, automotive, and food prices increase rapidly?

Lets do whatever you want

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