Just need a good hard fuck

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Hard Fuck. When you're having sex and you go harder and deeper. This is pleasing to most women. When you're fucking and you're slamming down hard on some wet pussy.

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Most effective in the missionary style sex position. The man's legs are together while the womans legs are open wide. Man slams down deep every thrust.

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Did she scream? I didn't think his dick could go that far in! I squirted too! The opposite of gentle love making. I gave Monica a dose of my hard fucking!

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Try hard fuck boy. A boy whom thinks they can get any girl they please when really every girl hates him. A try hard fuck also once they get with a girl stays with them because they know they won't be able to get another girl but act as though they are inferior to them to make themselves look cooler then they already are. Micheal is a try hard fuck boy. To be so insanely tough and merciless. Your average street tough might be hard. John Matrix kills people with an enormous machine gun with his pecs bouncing with recoil.

He is hard as fuck. Hard As Fuck. Staying up 15 minutes past your bed time. Most notably expressed by Bobby Z. I'am hard as fuck!

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Wow that guy is hard as fuck! Hard as Fuck. To be mentally strong. Nothing will phase someone who is hard as fucknot death, hard times in the hood or someones words.

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Examples of the word Hard as fuck is best shown by scarface, Mike tyson, Tupac, Pablo Escobar and the entire Dumas family. Nothin stops em no ones got shit on em. Complete Bosses.

Just need a good hard fuck

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