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Forgot your password? By hotnsexy I, Ravi, do not consider myself a good story writer. But then I wanted to share our swinging adventure with the beautiful people in this forum. As a brief introduction we are a married couple from India, My wife Reena is 32 yrs and Ravi is 40 yrs.

Reena is not only beautiful but very attractive. In fact she appears to be very sexy even in a formal attire and most of my friends enjoy chatting and talking to her in any social gathering. But then I can feel the undercurrent.

So we enjoy fantasizing- rather he enjoys fantasizing and tells her of his fantasies. She reaches climax when the stories of 3somes and foursomes. But then it was very hard to convince her to actually swing. With lot of patience I ultimately convinced her to place an add on AFF. There were quite a few response and I showed her some of them But it appeared she was not interested and her response was really frustrating.

Nevertheless, after some more convincing she decided to respond to two of couples in our city, i. Both the couples responded back in short time. We exchanged our phone s and connected over phone. But we reached a hurdle when the K of the other couple developed a cold feet after Indian housewife forum. Swinging. of a meeting date. Nevertheless, we use to have a lot of phone sex to this i. In fact I was surprised to find her talking dirty to B which she never did to me.

Sometimes there discussion use to make me real horny and I would play with her tits and her pussy while she would talk with B and in a rare occasion or two she allowed me to fuck her while she talked. In any case the relationship came to a temporary end as K was not interested. We set up a date at a Restaurant and met on the deated date. We chatted with the couple on many things except sex. But I could see V was very attracted to Reena and kept eying her.

Finally the evening had to end and I picked up the courage to ask when will be our next meeting and if they were interested in swapping.

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They were eager but we could not settle on a place and left saying we will meet soon as soon as we can settle on a place. On Sunday morning we parked our Kid at our brothers and left for the meeting. We met for lunch at a restaurant but we could not eat.

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As soon as we were indoors V grabbed for my wife and started kissing her. She responded like a slut and kissed him and grabbed for his ass. This made me really horny and I pulled R to me. She was a big breasted woman and slightly overweight.

So when she got out of her dress she I did not get the desired hard on as I was expecting. But seeing my wife already rollicking in bed with V made my dick really stiff. Both of them were playing rather aggressively and my wife was nude in front of another man.

V was a real horny guy with a stiff dick. His dick though smaller then mine and narrower then mine Indian housewife forum. Swinging. one big bulbous head. He got very horny seeing my wife nude. She had a great tight pussy and was really hot. She was still not ready for me to lick her pussy but she did suck my Dick. He entered her and after a few long shots he really gave her a fuck. She was really tight for me and I was lodged I her pussy and kept humping her. To keep the story short Reena got fucked by V five times before we ended the evening. After driving home we had our dinner early before we retired to bed and there she gave me a hell of fucking.

We both climaxed three times that evening just re-collecting the nice fuck she had with V. There are no comments to display. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed.

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Indian housewife forum. Swinging.

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