I need to build up the courage

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Do you want to know how to build courage so you can become more confident and act on your goals? A lot of people lack the courage to do certain things in their lives; things such as starting a business, choosing a career, investing, talking to people among other important things.

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Either in business or life generally, you need the courage to make major decisions, take risks, and do certain things that could bring about your success. Courage is the ability to withstand fear. Bear in mind, however, that courage does not mean taking blind action or uncalculated steps towards danger. This is because business involves a lot of risk-taking and you need the courage to be able to take risks. Those who are courageous enough to venture into unchartered territories are those who achieve success.

Kennedy, Barack Obama among others are celebrated today because of their courage against all odds to achieve success. By knowing what your specific fears are, you can then come up with a suitable plan of action to overcome them and build your courage. For most people, the lack of courage they experience today is as a result bad childhood experiences such as being bullied, abuse, rejection, and disappointment. More so, past mistakes or failures cause people to lack the courage to do things in their present lives.

One of the strong motivating forces to achieving anything worthwhile is to have a strong purpose attached to that goal. Why not just remain as you are and continue to allow your lack of courage to keep you stuck? Even more, what is that one thing that is so important to you that you need to be courageous to do? Do you want to build courage to become a more confident person so you can accomplish your dreams? Overall, it would give you the motivation you need to stay committed to the process of building courage. One of the reasons people lack the courage to do certain things in their lives is because they lack self-belief.

Self-belief is having faith in yourself and your abilities. As said earlier on, courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to take action in spite of your fears. A growth mindset is a mindset for success that allows you to see failure as a learning opportunity.

Building courage is just like developing a new skill or more like trying to develop the habit of I need to build up the courage. To build courage in this situation, you should start by talking to smaller groups of people maybe two or three people at most in a group. When you can confidently speak to at least two or three people at once, you can then progress to a slightly larger group of people.

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This approach can be applied to any situation where you lack courage either in business, school, work, or personal life. Take a step and start then as time goes on you might even gain the confidence to expand your business. These could be negative thoughts about ourselves, situations, and the actions we are about to take.

On the other hand, positive thinking would help you see the silver lining positive side of things in every situation. Therefore to boost your confidence and build more courage to take up new challenges make constant learning a habit. Remember, courage is not about being fearless rather it is about challenging your fears and taking action. Speaking of taking action; here are some quotes on courage that you could read, reflect on, and recite to help you face your everyday challenges.

They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience. He uses both.

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Catherine of Siena. Action breeds confidence and courage.

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If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. This is so you can achieve your set goals and keep building your courage as you progress in life.

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I need to build up the courage

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How To Build Courage