Fuck buddies Colby

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It's currently p. Since I had nothing better to do I decided to text my good friend Colby and see what he was up to. C: Go ahead. Everyone's gone. Corey and Dev are in Florida, Sam's in Kansas visiting his family, Jake is probably on his way to a party and Aaron is probably with his girlfriend. Y: Alright I'll be right over.

I hopped in my car and drove to Colby's thinking about what we were gonna do.

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Once I finally got there, I didn't bother knocking since Colby knew I was coming so I just waltzed into the house. I leaned over and started reading them with him. We kept scrolling through when one caught my eye. If you really wanted to fuck someone, you could easy peasy" I said looking at him. Plus I don't wanna just fuck any random girl I meet at a party" he said sighing.

I like it rough. I like being in control. With those random girls I meet at party's I can't be as rough as I want to. They want to be in control because they don't understand I'm not like the other guys they fuck" he said visually uncomfortable. Well him and I were on Fuck buddies Colby completely different when it came to sex. He liked it gentle. He liked it when I was in control. I think you and I could help each other I wasn't sure what to say so I put my hand in his chest and slowly started moving it down.

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So Fuck buddies Colby do you say to being fuck buddies? We fuck with no strings attached. What do you think? At first I was shocked but then I started kissing back. He licked my bottom lip for entrance and I slightly parted my lips to let him in. His hands started exploring my body and after a few minutes, we pulled apart for air.

He picks me up and starts carrying me upstairs. Once we get into his room, he throws me onto the bed and climbs on top of me "God I've been waiting too long for this" he growls ripping my shirt off. He then starts attacking my neck with kisses, which were sure to leave a dark purple mark. His hands travelled to my back and find their way to my bra clasp. He quickly looks up at me for approval to take my bra off and I eagerly nod my head. I could already feel I was soaking wet. He gracefully unclips my bra and slides it off.

He starts massaging my left breast as he sucks on my right nipple. I was already a moaning mess at this point. He unzips my jeans and starts sliding them off. I tug at his shirt alling for him to take it off, which he does. God this boy honestly does have a nice body. He comes down and starts kissing me again as his hand starts rubbing me over my panties. I couldn't help but moan into our kiss. I couldn't manage any words out so I just moaned in response. He then leaves a trail of kisses going down my stomach all they way down to my panties. Then he started kissing my thighs, purposely avoiding the spot I need him most.

I was just a moaning mess by now. Colby started entering his tongue in and out of me before replacing it with his finger. I was bucking my hips alling for Fuck buddies Colby to add another finger, which he did. But he also used his other hand to hold down my waist so I would stop moving so much. At this point, I was screaming out his name.

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I-i-I'm c-close" i screamed out. That just made him add a third finger and go even faster than before. He helped me ride out my high as I screamed in pleasure. He swiftly remover his pants leaving him in briefs. He came down and aggressively kissed me, making me want him even more.

He reached over and opened a drawer and grabbed a small square package.

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By now, I wanted nothing more than for him to fuck me senseless. He took off his briefs and opened the package and slid on the condom. And let me tell you, Colby Brock was not small. I would have been nervous if I wasn't overwhelmed with horniness. He then lined himself up with me and looked me right in the eye.

He slowly but surely slid inside of me and considering his size, it hurt. He let me adjust for a few moments. I nodded and gave him the ok. He then started slowly moving in and out of me. That pain I felt was turning into pleasure. I moaned out his name and started pleading for him to go faster. Which he obliged.

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He quickened his pace and I couldn't help but scream his name. He started sucking on my neck again making me moan even more. By now I'm sure the entire block could here us, but I didn't care. Or well, screamed out. Three" and with that, I let go and couldn't help but scream his name. He road out our high and then collapsed beside me. Hope you guys liked this! I am currently open for requests!

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I'll update this story tomorrow if I can! Fuck buddies. Fuck Buddies pt. Live stream. Y: Alright I'll be right over I hopped in my car and drove to Colby's thinking about what we were gonna do. Continue Reading. In the future, everyone who's bitten by a zombie turns into one Seven days later, she's facing consequences she never imagine

Fuck buddies Colby

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