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If I go to the local towns my options are either. Wants a sugar daddy C. Married people trying to cheat on their spouses B some Pfc already fucking dudes who look like Calvin Klein models C. Before I ed I had never lived anywhere with a population under a million and I was going out with 10s left and right.

Download Grindr. Preferably on their 18 and up night and not on one of their standard 21 and up nights.

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See, Austin is a pretty liberal college town compare to the rest of Texas and is close to hood. Just strike up a good conversation, be funny, be nice, get their contact info and go from there. Now, how do you find the chicks? If dude wants, he can hit on the gay friend they brought, or just strike up conversation with the chicks and you can come along after he breaks the ice.

Hell you can do it in reverse order and be his wingman and use that to get to talking with the girls so he can swing in and hit up their gay friend.

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Lol, this actually works. They really are like video game cheat codes for breaking the ice with chicks. Find someone who you actually want to be friends with long term. That sounds too complicated. So your going on a date with a gay dude to a gay bar to meet straight women? Do all that. And get hinge, you can also use tinder but the quality of hinge girls is way higher. Set it to Austin. Also hit up Waco, even c-stat.

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That includes putting your job as army or soldier. I used to bartend in a gay bar. By far the most successful time of my life in regards to bringing chicks home. The straight girl gets horny at the end of the night too, and the choices for a straight chick are slim in the gay bar. And if he strikes out there might be a sympathy bro job when they get back to base.

There's a decent bar across the street from Oil Can Harry's. Saw a lot of undercover cops walk in and out of there when drinking on the patio before the Wu-Tang concert at ACL. Too much work. Just go the gay bar alone. Maybe even anal. These seems too good. You can always bring dude back to barracks for your drunk guys first. Found the internet! Is it me or does it feel like dating in military towns is impossible? Posted by 91m. Sort by: best. Reply Share.

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This is VERY specific Continue this thread. Whistle Sharpshooter. Instructions unclear, fucked a dude Released for Dinner. Literally the Konami Code of getting a gf I stg. Sounds like gay with extra steps. Man with the plan. Promote ahead of peers. Same, but replace Carson with Yongsan. More posts from the army community. United States Army on Reddit.

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