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Strange to find no mention in this forum of the strip club that planned for the former Mixology Warehouse space at the Lumberyard complex in downtown Cruz Bay. Oh yeah - this won't add to the crime problem that doesn't exist.

I am not a prude and have known to visit these types of establishments while in Vegasbut a strip club on STJ!!!??? I am surprised that no one is up in arms about this As a woman, to me this is disgusting that they would put something like that in STJ. Come on!!! Who gave the for something like that??? I ain't buying into that hub-bub. If that's the case, I find it ridiculous. Smiles- MJ. I find the concept of a strip club degrading and offensive. Strip clubs encourage crime, drug use and sexual abuse. I don't understand why this is allowed on an island that does not tolerate simple nudity at the beach.

Beach nudity is safe and healthy and hurts no one. Despite that, people are cited regularly for just enjoying the sunshine and water without a wet, sandy swim suit. I wish people would get their priorities straight, WE should out law strip clubs and legalize beach nudity. Strangely, 'what'supwiththat', I pretty much agree with you about the crime around those types of places. But St. John is not a place for either, in my opinion. I like it just the way it is. I'm sure you do, as well. I'm Club in island long strip back home in Jersey for a little under a week since our stay in Coral Bay.

Already made a reservation for the New Years week. Hopefully we'll miss any strip-t episodes. Smiles- MJ! I am hoping that this business fizzles out just like every other place that has been in that location. As far as the casino The entire middle section of Wharfside Village, less Freebird, is now being renovated for Southland Gaming. I thought it would already be open by now, but there have been several hang ups along the way.

There's a casino being built on St John?!! We visited St John for the first time two summers ago, we absolutely fell in love with the island and we're looking forward Club in island long strip our second visit in December but I'm so saddened to hear about a casino in Cruz Bay, a casino is so NOT St John. If you are thinking Las Vegas, think again. The one on STX is a cute little white building, reminds me of the Taj Mahal, in the middle of a large parking lot. I've been there a couple of time and it's never seems crowded or busy.

And I've never won money. I don't know how they stay in business. The places touted as casinos on both St Thomas and St John are actually video lottery terminal outlets. VLTs have a poorer pay out than casino gambling machines, which are only available on St Croix. Boycotting them is an option. My point was that the casino on STX is often largely empty and the lack of payout may be one reason why.

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I find the psyche of STJohnians to be very interesting when it comes to things like this and acceptance of police ineptitude and corruption - it should not be about ignoring it and it will go away - it should be about taking action as a singular community. Perhaps you are too worn out to fight anymore It is very easy to judge people when you do not spend a day in their shoes. Life on the island is very different and you only know what you read in the papers and on message boards. What you don't know is that there is a very active and opinionated population that is very vocal about what happens in their community.

Newspapers like to write about controversial topics and very Club in island long strip follow up unless there is more controversy. The people of the island sound off more than you will know about what happens to their home and are very active in speaking to the government and community leaders to ensure that the island is a great place to live. You would do better spending time trying to make your hometown better, rather than worrying about us in the VI. Problems, sure we have them, but on a day to day basis, we live our lives happily, just as I assume you do in your home town. Best of luck to you - rum punch works well to get the sand out of the mouth after extraction of the head from the ground.

Oh please! Here we go again. OK, blujahz. I give up.

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Johnians, St. Thomians and Crucians are a bunch of inepts who just stick their he in the sand where crime issues are concerned. We are so accustomed to throwing everything under the rug that the rug resembles a sand dune. We don't read anywhere near as much about local news as you do, have no concept of our local problems and we do everything possible to circumnavigate "bad" issues in order not to deter tourism.

No more excuses, no more rebuttals, these islands are a den of iniquity and ignorance. Best you vacation elsewhere? Maybe the new strip club is a secret undercover sting operation set up by the STJ police?? I mean since it would attract so many criminals -- all in one place.

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Club in island long strip

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