Christchurch lonely wives

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New Zealand Woman's Weekly. When the Duchess of Cambridge admitted motherhood can be lonely, it made headlines worldwide. Research drawn from 23 studies and published last year in the journal Heart, showed loneliness and social isolation increase the risk of coronary complications by 29 per cent and the chance of stroke by 32 per cent.

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A study found those who are isolated are twice as likely to die prematurely as those with a social network, while research by the University of Virginia four years later concluded many of us would rather receive mild electric shocks than be left alone. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, sparked discussion when she admitted motherhood could be lonely. Of those who admitted to NEXT they are often lonely, 40 per cent were agedand only 12 per cent were over the age of Having children is undoubtedly a factor. This was highlighted by Plunket, which last year researched the challenges experienced by Auckland parents.

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The Inner City Project looked at those living in the CBD with children under the age of five, and concluded that isolation is an overwhelming issue. She believes a major factor is the environments these parents are living in. While Splice are making a difference, by organising get-togethers for everything from yoga playgroups to tai chi, the intensification of housing will likely escalate the issue.

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Auckland is expected to have new apartments this year, with a further due for completion in Addressing the issue in Christchurch is Rebecca Smith-Andreou. She used online tool Meetup. Is technology increasing our feelings of isolation?

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Much has been made of the effect of technology on social wellbeing. The NEXT Report showed 40 per cent of us would feel lonely without technology, but could it in fact be driving those feelings of isolation?

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You can only take so much from a text and an emoticon. She says those who are short on time — like the 60 per cent of women who told NEXT there are not enough hours in the day — are running the risk of isolating themselves. But losing that regular contact with the people who mean the most to us is definitely a recipe for loneliness. But after moving to Christchurch shortly after the earthquakes, the year-old felt so isolated, she advertised on trading site Gumtree for companionship.

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Christchurch lonely wives

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