Challenges of dating an older man

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Salt and pepper hair. A face hardened by experience. A certain sense of calmness and stability. There is just much that makes the idea of dating an older man irresistible. Probably because images of George Clooney and Hugh Grant are swarming my mind. Well, it is surely an exciting proposition. However, like every other relationship, this too comes with its share of problems and pitfalls. Having a certain set of rules to guide you can make the journey easier for both partners. While dating an older man is no longer a big deal, age-gap relationships do come with their unique set of challenges.

For instance, your points of reference for things in life or pop culture influence can be markedly different. This can make finding common ground to connect over a lot harder. This is not to say that dating a man 15 years older or 20 years older can never work out.

Or something you should steer clear of at all costs. With the right tips for dating an older man to help you through this journey, you can surely make it a fun and fulfilling ride. When starting things up with someone considerably older, there must be absolute clarity about what you both want from the relationship. Are you in it just for the experience? Or are you open to the prospect of it turning into something more serious and long-term?

Is your potential partner interested in a long-term relationship at that stage of his life? An honest discussion right at the onset of the relationship can save you from heartbreak or a nasty breakup later.

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Where do you see this going? What if at some point you become emotionally invested in the relationship even though you agreed to keep things casual? Be honest with him about your changing feelings. Leave the rest to him. You have to be mindful of dating older men psychology before you set your hopes and expectations in stone. Understand that the baggage of his past and clarity about his mortality can be big factors governing his relationship choices. An older man brings a lot of experience to the table and that counts as one of the biggest benefits of dating an older man. So, keep an open mind and be prepared to learn from him.

It can become an irritant, if not taken in the right spirit. As with anyone with more years and experience behind them, your older partner is likely to be right about most things. So, rather than doing things just to defy him, try to learn from his experiences. If you feel strongly about something, speak your mind, put your foot down, stand up for yourself. Even if only to go ahead and make the mistakes he warned you against.

There is nothing wrong in secretly savoring the fact that while your man may have his charming looks and wisdom, you have the gift of youth on your side. One way of ensuring that is by staying true to who you are at this stage of life without feeling guilty or apologetic about it.

One of the most crucial tips for dating an older man is to never use his age against him. Even if done in jest, it can be hurtful and damaging to your relationship. He may want to spend a Saturday evening at home, reading and sipping on his scotch.

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You may want to go clubbing. Get in touch with your friends, make plans, and have fun. Even more so in the case of age-gap relationships. All you have to do is voice it. Yes, doing things together is an important part of Challenges of dating an older man dynamics. A pub crawl till 4 am may not only not resonate with him but also will be physically draining.

Instead, find common interests you can pursue to connect on a deeper level. For instance, if you both enjoy reading, a trip to the local library or bookstore, followed by a hearty brunch or coffee date could be a great way to spend a Sunday morning. Fishing, wine-tasting, a romantic outing to the beach, a movie night at home — there are so many activities that you can enjoy as a couple.

When you start dating an older man, the possibility of your friends and family reacting less than favorably to the development is very real. From prodding questions about what attracts a younger woman to an older man to advising you against pursuing the relationship, there can be a range of less than positive reactions when you break the news to them. Be prepared. Or just give it time and wait for them to come around. As your relationship progresses, you must be in touch with your feelings.

Are you falling in love with an older man? Do you feel a deep emotional connection with him? Even Challenges of dating an older man you both started things casually, it is possible that he too may develop serious feelings for you along the way. Steer clear of assumptions on how he feels about you. If there is ambiguity on the matter, have a frank and honest discussion with him. Not letting communication barriers in your relationship bog you down is among the most valuable tips for dating an older man. Keep those channels open so that you can have honest and frank conversations about the things that matter.

An estranged spouse. A deceased spouse. Maybe even grandchildren. Yes, it can be intimidating to think that you may become a step-parent to his childrenwho may not be much older than you. Or how his family may react to the relationship. But, as long as it works for the two of you, trust the other pieces to fall in place with time and a little effort. This way you can make one of the biggest perceived cons of dating an older man less intimidating. Not at first anyway. Display your affection through gestures, words, and touch as often as possible.

Even if it feels a tad awkward at first, you will find your comfort zone with him eventually. There is a good chance that there may be other guys making passes at you, expressing their interest, or trying to win you over. Using them to make your man jealous is a terrible idea.

No matter what your reasons, this approach is sure to backfire. And your relationship may crash and burn, as a result. One of the biggest advantages of dating an older man is that he is more likely to be secure about you and the relationship. Savor that instead of trying to challenge his sense of security. If he brings maturity and stability to the relationship, as the younger partner, you bring freshness and novelty. Let your hair down, goof around, make him laugh. It will help keep the relationship fresh and brimming with the right vibes.

You have to know the difference between being a whiff of fresh air and acting out like an immature teenager. Steer clear of temper tantrums, unrealistic demands, or doing irresponsible things that make your partner feels like he is parenting and not romancing you. It is no secret that the libido takes a hit with age. That may require you to initiate intimacy to get him in the mood.

Achy ts, back pain, prostate issues, poor digestion — these are all common in older men. These can become a deterrent to intimacy. Without a doubt, these limitations can feel like disadvantages of dating an older man. But then, which relationship is free from its share of pros and cons. This includes shedding the tendency of shying away from showing your romantic side as well as treating him with a sense of reverence. Shed aside the awe, and embrace him for who he is — your partner.

With the right approach and mindset, dating an older man can be a delightful and enriching experience. One that may change your perspective on relationships forever.

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When you do decide to give in, these tips for dating an older man will hold you in good stead. When an older man loves you, he will go out of his comfort zone to make you feel special. Things between you both will progress to a deeper level. Yes, dating an older man can be better because of all the experience, stability, and sense of security he brings to the relationship.

With him, there will be no mind games or hot-and-cold vibes. He may want a casual fling or a serious committed relationship. There is no way to define relationship expectations based on age alone. It varies from person to person. It is not common to be dating a man 15 years older or 20 or even more. Dating experience. Arushi Chaudhary September 4, Table of Contents.

Have clarity about what the future holds for you. Keep the relationship fresh. Shed aside the awe and embrace him for who he is. How do you tell if an older man loves you? Is dating an older man better? What does an older man want in a relationship? How much of an age difference is OK when dating?

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Challenges of dating an older man

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Dating An Older Man – The Ultimate List Of Dos and Don’ts