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From the way we consume media to behavioral changes in a person, it has even altered the way we think. Among rest of the thing, call girl or escort websites has also been rising tremendously. Chatting with customers and making deals online has been a common practice, since quite some time. However, there are negative sides to it too. Illegal prostitution has also made its way into it which comes with a risk of violence.

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Under the blanket of anonymity, these websites breed issues making it difficult to see the victims. While people may look up for having a good time, the girls on this website will scare you, because they are no more alive. It would look normal in the beginning, but Marielle, Lucy, Sybille or Monica are all dead. You can check their profile and even check their chat or call the woman to check if they are interested in you.

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But when you click to chat with one of them messages on the screen will shock you. She is seriously disabled and will never be able to walk again. Killed by a client. It was made as a part of a campaign to raise awareness about the reality of prostitution. It is project at a conference in Delhi was attended by representatives of civil society groups, activists and survivors from 30 countries.

They had shared strategies on how to reduce increasing sexual exploitation of women.

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The website received over calls and thousands of chat. The idea of the website is to make people aware of the cold reality that these women are subjected to on daily basis in the name of prostitution. Woman records selfie video and commits suicide after parents force her into prostitution in Andhra Pradesh.

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According to French charity Fondation Scelles, there is an estimated 40 million sex workers globally although sex work is illegal in most countries. Out of the whopping of women offering sex trade, most are duped into it by traffickers.

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Once they get trapped in the web, it is almost impossible to escape and live a normal life. Watch the video here:.

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Girls of Paradise: This escort website has some shocks for you