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issue Next issue. Accepted papers received: 14 January Published online: 07 June Open all abstractsin this issue. The technical program has brought researchers and practitioners around the world to a good forum for discussing, leveraging and developing all scientific and technological aspects that are relevant to digital society. This t Workshop was very special because it involved the collaboration of publications from six other conferences.

Thank you especially to:. Riantoputra, and J. Abednego, Manlian Ronald A. All papers published in this volume of Journal of Physics: Conference Series have been peer reviewed through processes administered by the proceedings Editors. Reviews were conducted by expert referees to the professional and scientific standards expected of a proceedings journal published by IOP Publishing.

Indreswari Suroso. Metal casting is the production process in forming a cast by pouring hot liquid metal into a mold then allowed to cool and freeze. Metal molds are molds that are used once cast produces many castings so that the productivity is high and economically suitable and suitable for small objects. The diameter of granules of metal castings is strongly influenced by the material of castings and the hardness of the material. The smaller the diameter of the granules the hardness of the cast is higher and brittle, on the contrary the greater the diameter of the granules the harder the lower Bm looking for Susano woman soft.

The microstructure test that the diameter of Zn granules is larger than the Aluminum granules. The result of microstructure testing of lug foundry containing The larger the diameter of the granules the material hardness is lower and soft. The Bm looking for Susano woman the grain diameter the higher the hardness of the material and the brittle. Hardness Al lug alloy castings are higher than the original lug Zn alloys. This is because the diameter of aluminum granules is smaller than the diameter of granules Zn. Friska KristinaHamdanHasnudiR. Edhy MirwandhonoYusuf L. Henuk and Harapin Hafid. This study aims to determine the sales proportion of beef and goat based on their parts, the balance of their supply and demand in traditional market in Medan City.

This research was conducted for one month from August to September The population in this study were beef and goat traders consisting of 41 beef traders, 6 goat meat traders and 2 traders of both types of meats in five traditional markets e the of samples 33 people.

The type of data used is quantitative data which includes the sales amount of beef and goat meats. The showed that beef sales proportion based on the sold parts in traditional market in Medan City, the most sold is the leg meat as much as For the sales proportion of goat meats in the traditional markets in Medan City, the largest part is the meat 9. The result of this study indicated that there a balance between supply and demand of beef and goat in these traditional markets in Medan City.

Noverita Sprinse Vinolina. Centella asiatica is one of wild plant that widely used from nature. Conservation efforts for environmental sustainability and utilization of medicinal plants has been existing but very limited. Medicinal plant, Centella asiatica as a biomass potential is not only harvested from the nature but also cultivated to obtain uniform quality. Some chemichal content are saponins compound such as asiaticoside, madecassoside and asiatic acid. The study was conducted in lowland and highland of North Sumatera. The showed that the pattern of centelloside asiaticoside, madecassoside and asiatic acidwhen the content of one of bioactive compounds is high then otherwise be lower or biosynthetic pattern toward a compound needed.

Age of Pegagan affect the content of centelloside. Centelloside pattern is influenced by growing medium condition, very high phosphorus content, and centelloside biosynthes is toward asiaticoside. Bm looking for Susano woman Ashwath. Beauty Leaf Tree BLT is a wild Australian plant that has drawn the attention of many scientists who are searching for sustainable sources of renewable energy. Most importantly, it has the ability to grow on marginal soils in many tropical countries.

The of studies dealing with this species have escalated over the last three years, partly due to the studies carried out by the Central Queensland University CQU. This paper summarises the of those investigations that include testing for natural variability in growth, phenology and seed production, and developing seed collection and seed oil extraction procedures.

The techniques used in converting the BLT oil into biodiesel, testing the biodiesel for engine performance and emission characteristics, and evaluating the BLT genotypes for stress tolerance are also explained. These investigations clearly demonstrate the potential of BLT to serve as the future feedstock for 2nd generation biofuel production in developed and developing tropical countries.

Various ethnic in Indonesia including Bugis, Palembang, Sundanese and Karo utilize plants species in their traditional wedding processions as a science of ethnobotany. This study aims to identify and compare the most widely used plant species, the parts of the organ used, and their meaning.

The method used is descriptive explorative through semi-structured interviews using open-ended question. The show there are four plants of same species that most widely used by the four ethnic groups: Piper betle, Oryza sativa, Pandanus amaryllifolius and Musa sp. Ethnic communities still cultivate these plants to prevent extinction in their regions. The childbed infection was an inflammation of all the genitalia organ on childbed period caused by aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. One of them was Stapylococcus aureus which could attack and survive to live in epithelial and endothelial cells, and recognized by Antigen Precenting Cell APC.

One of them was probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri. This research aimed to prove the effect of L. Then, performed the surgery to obtain cardiac blood. The comparison result between the negative control K- and the treatment group on the first day proved that the amount of IL 23 and IL 22 cytokines were increased.

The comparison between the observed groups on the first day proved that the amount of IL 23 and IL 22 cytokines were increased. The result of comparative experiment between P1 and P2 on the first day the amount of IL 23 cytokine was increased, but the amount of IL 22 cytokine was not increased. It was not statistically ificant. Meanwhile, the comparison on the third day proved that the amount of IL 23 and IL 22 cytokines were increased, but in P1 group the amount of IL 22 cytokine was decreased.

The giving of L. Therefore, probiotics could be useful during postpartum period to improve the body immunity so that the infection during childbed period could be avoided. Ecologically, the presence of seagrass contributes to an ecosystem offering for human need. This research was conducted to study the seagrass appearance at Tawang Coast Pacitan, East Java, Indonesia during rainy and dry season using a percentage of the covered area and physico chemical factors.

The method used was transect-plot. The physical and chemical factors measured included temperature, light penetration, rapidity flow, high water rate, salinity, wave level, sediment texture, pH, dissolved oxygen, and nutrients such as ammonium, nitrate, C-organic and phosphorus pentoxide. The result showed that seagrass bed in Tawang Coast was formed by three seagrass: Cymodocea rotundata, Thalassia hemprichiiand Halophila ovalis. The average percentage of seagrass cover was According to decree of the Minister of Environment No.

The decline in the seagrass covering percentage in the dry season was caused by light and temperature factors. Seagrasses in Tawang Coast were associated with different types of organisms. Most of order Lepidoptera is a plant pollinator, ecologically play a major role in maintaining the balancing of ecosystem and enriching biodiversity.

This study aims to observe the richness and diversity of order Lepidoptera as plant pollinator in Cigeulis district, Banten, Indonesia. This study used a transect route method while data were analyzed by Shannon-Wiener index. The recorded that 10 species with individuals of three families found as different plant pollinator.

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The value of the highest species richness found in Banyuasih village is 2. Diversity analysis using Shanon-Wienner formula classified as moderate category. Janis Damaiyani and R. The Pollen grains are the male reproductive units of many types of plants. They vary in shape and ornamentation. The Morphology of pollen grains can be used for distinguishing species and cultivar in tree fruit species. Pollen morphology has been effectively applied in solving several problem of taxonomy. Pollen morphology also can be applied for various area, such as evolutionary studies, allergy studies, melissopalynology, forensic science, tracing plant geography, geology, climate change studies and study of past human impact on vegetation.

Pollen morphology can be used for identification species. In this study, ultrastructure of pollen morphology of Kopsia pauciflora Hook. Pauciflora in Purwodadi Botanic Garden, was investigated using scanning electron microscope. Several morphological parameters including symetry, shape, size, aperture, also ornamentation shape. The type of pollen grains are mon, isopolar, sized Their apertures are tricolporate. Pollen infolding, interaperture area sunken. The ornamentation is perforate. Heri Prabowo. The use of chemical pesticides has a variety of negative impacts that are harmful to the Bm looking for Susano woman and humans.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop environmentally friendly pest control techniques. To support the development of environmentally friendly pest control techniques, research related to the sublethal of physic nut wangi variety oil on H. The result of sublethal effect of physic nut test showed that concentration of physic nut wangi variety and IP2A provenance oil did Bm looking for Susano woman cause mortality of H. The increasing concentration of physic nut wangi variety and IP2A provenance oil caused a ificant increase in the sub lethal effect when the larvae were exposed to these oils.

Physic nut wangi variety and IP2A provenance oil can be developed into botanical pesticides because it has the advantage of leaving residues that are easily biodegradable, resulting in secondary metabolic that can be used as a poison, safe for natural enemies and can be used as component in integrated pest management. Stress in microalgae through the metabolic pathway increases the value of lipids and caratenoids. In this study, two stage feeding in Chlorella pyerenoidosa and Chlorella vulgaris are evaluated. Which is Chlorella pyrenoidosa is labeled as A and Chlorella vulgaris in label B.

The highest accumulation of biomass in Chlorella species was seen with the addition of urea in A 3 and A 4but it had the lowest lipid content. During the experiment with the addition of water and nutrients from cow manure, the lipid values visibly increased, but not optimally. In Chlorella pyrenoidosa and Chlorella vulgaris species which is the object of this study, the lipid values on A 1 and B 1 are higher than the control and treatment with sunlight exposure, as well as the addition of urea.

Using of blood on the agar medium made to be obtained usually uses the sheep's blood, but the sheep's blood is difficult and high cost, so it was taken on the other alternative which could changes that sheep's blood such as the human expire blood. The research aimed to determine affectivity of the expired blood as medium from the Stretpcoccus Sp. The used research method was true experiment by "the post-test only control group de". Outcome of the research was on the BAP medium, was the higher human expired blood concentration was resulted the narrower, whereas on the MHA medium, was the higher the resistor zone expired bood concentrate was resulted the higher.

Learning with the trigonometric material is considered difficult by students, so they feel less interested in learning and also affect learning outcomes.

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By this, math comics are used to help students quickly learn trigonometry. This study aims to 1 describe the application of mathematical comics in learning trigonometry, 2 find out the of trigonometry learning after the use of mathematical comics, and 3 find out the students' responses to mathematical comics. This type of research is a development study that uses Borg and Gall development models consisting of research and data collection stages, planning, product development, field implementation testing and refinement of final products.

Observation of student activities in the implementation of learning in Wachid Hasyim 2 Vocational School in Surabaya analysed descriptively. The of the feasibility test by material experts, media experts and practitioners teachersthe quality of mathematical comics that have developed Bm looking for Susano woman as very feasible with an average score of 4. Student responses to comics were positive. Information about subsurface structures is crucial to support work related to civil construction, one of which is the identification of basement rock for a preliminary research of laying the foundation of a building.

Hard layers play an important role in maintaining the stability of the foundation from the effects of natural disasters earthquakes and land shifts caused by the exploitation of soil carrying capacity. One of the methods that can be used for identifying hard layers is geoelectrical resistivity method. This method processing uses Marquardt's inversion and damping factor functioning to stabilize the inversion process. Error values of each line L. To see the potential of weak zones, subduction zones and geological structures below sea level, research phases are needed based on geological and geophysical approaches.

Geological approaches include regional geology and stratigraphy studies, while geophysical approaches include the depiction of underground structures using reflection seismic. The purpose of this study was to process 2D marine seismic data until the Pre-Stack Time Migration stage of the Kirchoff method and to interpret the underground surface structure of the Sulawesi Sea waters based on the Pre-Stack Time Migration using Kirchoff method in the Sulawesi Sea Water.

This process can move the position of the reflector to the actual position, which is conducted by adding up the amplitude of a reflector point as long as a position is estimated at the actual location. The of the interpretation of Pre-Stack Time Migration in the Line 22 crossing of the Sulawesi Sea waters have the presence of reflectors, Sulawesi ditch, faults and horizon layers of sedimentation.

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While the existence of low velocity zones can be analyzed by reading Root Mean Square RMS velocity in the cross section of this track, the lowest velocity zone distribution is found in CDP 7, This study aims to create and analyze psychochemical, and organoleptic characteristics of colostrum kefir as an antibacterial. Colostrum kefir is made using a three-factor completely randomized de method with three replications.

Bm looking for Susano woman

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