Anyone want to hang out today

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There's this really cool girl that I work with that I'd like to try to become friends with. We've had a few conversations at work but nothing else outside of that. We've had really deep and nice conversations about interests that we have in common and I really enjoy talking to her. Unfortunately, I learned that this weekend will be her last weekend at my work place.

So last weekend when we were leaving work, she was talking about her bad luck with visiting places and jokingly threw in, "if we ever hang out outside of work, don't take me to your favorite places. I may just be overthinking or misinterpreting it, but I'm seeing it as a little hint that it may be possible that she wants to hang out sometime?

Because of that, I've been thinking about asking her if she'd like eat out at a Japanese ramen restaurant sometime, since she's never tried it before. Maybe that's something she might say yes to? I can't just say, "hey me and some of my friends are going to this ramen restaurant, maybe you'd like to come along?

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I don't know, maybe I'm just overthinking this. Maybe try being upfront about it? Like "Hey, by the way, remember that time you said you've never tried the Japanese ramen? Wanna go to an awesome place this week? In this case, you're just making a nice first gesture that's all. Besides, it probably won't be awkward if you two are already on good terms and can have such nice conversations. You're really over thinking it. Generally, if someone has continued conversations with you and are nice to you, they do or will consider you as a friend. You already know what interests you Anyone want to hang out today.

Going out with a group is overrated anyway. I rarely, if ever, ask someone to do something with me for the first time involving a group. Just ask her. Find something in your area you're both interested in and ask her if she'd like to go. I usually ask the people I'm interested in getting to know, if they want to got dinner.

I'm a straight dude and I ask other straight dudes this all the time, and it's never been weird, and I usually have a great time. Just be casual. It's not a big deal. Always remember that most people are far more concerned about what others think about them rather than walking around judging every random person they see. This girl may have the same fears you do. Say something simple, like this: "Hey, there's a new Thai restaurant up on 10th I've been meating to check out.

You wanna go tomorrow? Making friends is that easy. There are literally tons of people out there that feel just like you that would love to be your friend. Just open your mouth and ask. It will go times better than whatever imagined scenario you've concocted in your mind. I guess I am overthinking it. Thanks for the help, I feel a lot better about asking now! Think of it this way. If you were them and you got asked to do something, even if you genuinely didn't like them or want to do anything with them and said no, you're still going to feel happy someone wanted to hang out with you right?

I hope you take the leap and make a new friend cause I totally bet you will.

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I know a great noodle place". Just ask her! I don't think one on one would be weird at all, you're definitely over thinking it IMO. And honestly who would turn down ramen? Its not weird man if you wanna spend time with her your best bet is to ask her to go to the place. You know what is weird, I have no problem asking someone out on a date, but I still feel It very awkward to platonically ask to hang out. You're way over thinking it! Just be like "Hey you wanna hang out this weekend? Or be more specific and go with the ramen restaurant. It's really up to you, I think she definitely wants to hang out.

I definitely think she would like to hang outside of work with you. I wouldn't drop that kind of comment without thinking ahead of time of hanging out with that person outside of work. In the uk all you have to say is 'Pint after work?

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Yea, might be a bit echo-y at this point but you're def overthinking it :. Literally just say "hey, since I won't see you at work anymore- wanna hangout sometime? I would literally show her this post. Or at least narrate this post to her.

She is a literal, genuine cunt if she does not be-friend you on the SPOT. Seriously though, if you genuinly want to hang out with her, say "we should hang out some time". See how she reacts to that and take it from there. If you don't, well that's easy. Don't be upfront about it. Don't just ask her. Nobody can stomach a streight out "date" with all the implications. Get a couple of tickets to a fun show or something that you know she likes. Tell her that your friend cancelled on you and if she wants to go instead. Step 3: find what you have in common and start organizing stuff to do together.

Found the internet! How do I ask someone to hang out? Posted by 4 years ago. Hi there, 20 year old female here. Sort by: best. Reply Share. Omg I'm so down for Ramen, can I you guys? Hey, wanna do something this weekend?

Yea, might be a bit echo-y at this point but you're def overthinking it : Literally just say "hey, since I won't see you at work anymore- wanna hangout sometime? I'm so glad to read girls can be like this as well. What everybody wants is a cool friend that organize fun stuff.

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Step one is done. Step two: make her talk about herself all night long. Step 4: friendship. More posts from the socialskills community. A place to share your favorite social skills tips, ask for advice, or offer encouragement to others on their social skills journey. Welcome aboard! Created Jul 12, Top posts may 22nd Top posts of may, Top posts Back to Top.

Anyone want to hang out today

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